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Liberal art is the most intriguing field that I have come across. With a passion for this field, I have taken positive and significant steps to pursue my interest in this field. While at Covenant University, Nigeria, my ability to work hard and learn quickly enabled me to make a starling performance not to mentioning earning several awards in my department. Despite my graduation from college, I realized that was some depth of knowledge that required more exploration beyond what I had achieved. This realization was confirmed when I joined a Nigerian bank as an intern. Working as inter earned me a vast and a unique experience because of my interactions with top management and attendance of regional conferences, but it also made me see the missing link at the business level. From my perspective, many graduates exemplified the ability to view complex business problems—a products of graduate programs, which narrowed a student’s perspective in a single discipline. Nonetheless, I am confident that my pursuit of the master’s degree in communication will acquire more knowledge and skills by going through a broad, idealistic and liberating education.

 My decision to pursue a Masters in Communication stems from value of communication graduate in solves problems in various disciplines. Increasingly, it is becoming necessary for graduates to solve problems facing various institutions by looking at the big picture from various perspectives. With my acceptance into the program, I look forward to acquire skills and knowledge on how to draw conclusions with information from a variety of source, and communicate them effectively. This way, my skill set as an employee will be of immense value that will attract potential employers to me.

The accreditation of Winthrop University is one of the reasons that motivate my application for consideration in the Masters in Communication program. In the recent survey by the WiseChoice Research, Winthrop University inclusion in the Top Ten Value Schools signals the University's commitment to offering quality and tailor-made education. In addition, the recognition of the university as a state’s top-rated university underscores the universities committal to accountability at all ranks. Indeed, I feel compelled to be part of this institution where I can glean from the best practices in the University, as well as earn a degree that will garner a wide acceptance upon my graduation. With my desire to meet high standards of learning and academic performance, I see Winthrop as a perfect match for me.

I am convinced that Winthrop has the best curriculum that has been tailored to show the changing industry trends. A curriculum taught by qualified faculty members not to mention incorporating latest skills and industry trends. Being part of the master’s student in Winthrop will give me an opportunity to acquire up-to-date knowledge that will enhance my competency in the field. Upon my completion of course, I see myself in a workplace where I solve complex problems that challenge my intellect and psyche my imagination. With a background where I have demonstrated industriousness in academic, I believe that I am well equipped to glean from all teaching and learning interactions that will transpire during my tenure at Winthrop.

As Aristotle noted, "We are what we repeatedly do”. As a student in Winthrop University, I am positive that startling performance will transcend the classroom level. To be specific, I am eager to work with students and faculty members from diverse ethnicity and contribute towards the diversity of the university. In addition, I look forward to horn my communication skills by engaging in meaningful interaction with the school community. Equally important, I am confident that my interpersonal and human skills will allow me to take on various leadership positions that may arise during my tenure at Winthrop. Ultimately, I am confident that I will graduate a unique employee with skills and experience that are being sought by employees. Because of this, I cannot wait to be part of the universities’ community.

Buy custom Admission Services essay

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