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Wal-Mart as a Company

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Wal-Mart as a company is successful. They have been able to meet the needs of the consumer and at the same time get high returns for their business. Their big secret for this is making use of the latest technology and low prices for the consumer. Debates and interviews have been made on whether the company is good for America or not.  Many people see the benefits of Wal-Mart as a firm and attribute it to the economic transformation that America has experienced. Wal-Mart as a firm has brought a great transformation in the American economy. The consumers have always demanded goods that they could afford in the consumer market. Unfortunately, they have been subject to exorbitant prices from the retailers, who have had no option due to high prices passed on to them by the manufacturer. Wal-Mart has therefore come in as a great relief for both the retailer and the consumer. As we speak, the retailer has the greatest say, with the manufacturer having to adjust the costs. This is a big step into better business, with better products and great bargains for goods and services. The consumer also has more choices. They can buy goods that come from the global market unlike earlier on when they would have to make a lot of effort to receive such goods.

Other nations have been able to succeed forming the move. For example the suppliers such as China and Asian countries have doubled up their returns, making it more attractive for many other nations to move towards the same direction. It has also made it easy for the balance of payments to reduce due to the heavy transactions carried out everyday. The deficits that once existed and looked impossible to do away with them have truly been reduced. Therefore many nations may want to get business deals with such companies. The market in China for example has become busy, their ports full of activity and more of this is expected in the future. However some other people argue that the Americans want better standards of living than they want low priced goods. They want to be kept in a formal employment with a decent salary at the end of the day, something that Wal-Mart has done away with. They feel that the profit the company makes is nothing comparable to the many needs of the American citizen.

Wal-Mart has brought in a great economic benefit to the Americans. The critics of the same may have genuine concerns but the company cannot be done away with. The benefits are away above what has been the expectation of the majority. However, the disadvantages must be checked to ensure that Americans are able to embrace the company’s ideas and efforts wholeheartedly. 

Buy custom Wal-Mart as a Company essay

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