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Toyota Company

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Toyota Company expects to increase its earning by 48% in the year 2010. It has strengths which when utilized it can achieve the forecast. There are also threats that can hinder the achievement of the goals.

The Toyota Company has strong personnel policies based on the response to the challenging times of the employees. The company gives employees the chance to establish their lives, and the opportunity for self-realization and growth as well as corporate development. In 2009, Toyota started the 3000, 000- person communication on which employees disseminate information. This has facilitated identification and understanding the local situation and inclusion of overseas affiliation in decision making.

Intra Company Transferee programs seek to assist the employees to have a global perspective. They also have good health and safety policies for the employees. The company’s philosophy is to have safety, reliable and skilled work. Safety work is the door to all work and it should be the way through to work. The company highly emphasizes on the health care and mental care. Managers and supervisors listen actively to employees and provide them with proper mental care when necessary.

All of these policies on human management and relationship are very strong points of Toyota Company. It gives the employees the sense of organization citizenship. This reduces chances of counterproductive behaviors. The employees will from these grounds direct their skills and energy towards production and meeting the organization objectives.

Another strength area of Toyota is its relationship with business partners. The company practices non discriminative collaboration with partners. The honor of language and lawful deals dominates these relationships. It collaborates very well with suppliers. It has three basic policies on its dealing with supplies. They include fair compensation, open door policy, and localization. Study meetings and complies briefing held to keep their suppliers updated on quality and quantity.

The team of distributors acts as a bridge between the company and customers. They appeal on behave of the company to customers as they convey the value of the products. The partnership between the company with its suppliers and distributors assist the company to overcome adverse economic times. Issues such as rising energy costs and economic down can be addressed at great length by the use of such collaborations.

In the recent past, Toyota Company has faced some threats. These threats reduce competitive advantage in the market. The unintended acceleration is very dangerous. Many owners of models from this company have complained of this weakness. It is deadly problem to customer and other road users. Some have reportedly dead of road accidents as a result of the technical problem in the past decade. Safety authorities have warned about certain Toyota models as possible causes of road accidents.

This weakness poses a threat to the competitive edge of the company. Potential customers are unwilling to purchase Toyota car models. The some government agencies have warned its citizens against purchasing models from Toyota Company. Competitors of Toyota Company have used this weakness to expand their market. Though it has come up with strategies to resolve the problem, they face challenges to convince the market that unexpected acceleration resolved.

Another challenged faced by Toyota is the Toyota Priuses Headlight problems. The customers are not happy when their green machine’s high intensity headlights work intermittently or die all together. Their replacement or repair is very expensive. The company investigated the complaints their agency concluded that the defects only affected one headlight. Early this year, quite a good number of Priuses took lawsuit where the company agreed to pay compensation. This has affected the company’s reputation and threaten it market share.

In conclusion, Toyota Company has the strength of good employee relationship that develops organization citizenship. The partnership between the company and supplies and the distributors help the company overcome some of economic hard times. The unexpected acceleration and non performing Priuses reduces it competitive advantage and reduces customer realty.

Buy custom Toyota Company essay

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