Custom «The Project Manager» Essay Paper

Custom «The Project Manager» Essay Paper

Home building project needs a combination of efforts in order to accomplish the set goals. It should work with limited time or with a set deadline. The financial allocation should be done before the contractors hiring. Many specialists are involved in the construction, since different tasks must be implemented in this process. In this project, J&K Inc got the home building contract, and because they can not work independently the need for outsourcing services from other companies is required. They need an electrician from LL VANCE Electric, a plummer/pipefitter from Claydon Plumbing, a constructor from LDJ Construction Company and HVAC from JCI. The work will be supervised by the Project Manager from J&K Inc. The involvement of such professionals will ensure the continuation of work and its successful completion. These specialists have different skills and role to play in the construction (Ierley, 1999).


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The cooling devices and temperature control in the building will be established by the HVAC. The devices for ventilation, air conditioner and air spaces need some area in the building. The HVAC should have relevant education and  experience of such devices installation (Ierley, 1999).

J&K Inc (Project Manager)

The Project Manager deals with the business connected with the project in order to get carried in an appropriate manner. This is a person in charge and he gives the instructions of what and when should be done. All project managers are skilled and experienced in the activity and work they perform. All companies screen an individual before employment in order to hire skillful employees. Project Manager should have an appropriate education in construction or an Engineering Degree plus a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management. The Project Manager is responsible for coordinating and supervision of all activities during the home building process. The implementation of policies and procedures for other employees and work is doe by the Project Manager (Swenson, 1995).

The Project Manager should possess leadership skills, problem-solving skills, written communication skills, organizing skills and interact interpersonally. The Project Manager should have Computer and Microsoft Office knowledge in order to prepare and save  projects and work plan in the computer for easy operation. All these personal attributes of the Project Manager help the home building task to reach the success.  All above mentioned skills enable a person to lead and give directives to other workers, but if the person is  irresponsible, the task cannot be executed effectively (Ierley, 1999).

J&D Sprinkler CO (Landscaping)

The landscaping professionals select the appropriate space and place to construct the house. They design the house and select the location for the construction considering the physical features which can cause insecurity of the building. The professionals should have four-year experience and a Diploma in Landscaping Engineering. They guarantee that the buildings will last for long, and no destruction can occur (Swenson, 1995).

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LDJ Construction Company (construction)

The construction company has the mandate of providing the constructors and provision of labor during the building process. The casual worker should come from the construction company. Materials like bricks, cement, water must be supplied by the contractors and they have to be sure that the ratio of concrete is appropriate and meets the construction standards. The contractor should have a minimum of five-year experience and should have constructed a home and two commercial buildings. The workers of the contractor company should have a Diploma in Civil Engineering and possess the computer skills (Ierley, 1999).

LL VANCE Electric (electrician)

The contractor company will provide an electrician to implement the electrical servicess like wiring in the house. The electrician executes his work after the building has been completed, he installs the electrical cables in it. The electrician must have a Diploma in Electrical Engineering and a Registration Certificate to make sure the person is authorized by the government and is allowed to handle electrical issue. The electrician should have three-year experience in dealing with electrical wiring. Other skills required for the electrician include sound mind, computer literate, punctual, honest, excellent communication and written skills, should have a good command of written English. After the completion of wiring, the electrician will test the power and make sure the house has enough supply of electricity, and all rooms and compound have light (Ierley, 1999).

Clayton Plumbing (Plummer/Pipefitter).

The services of the plummer/pipefitter are required at the end after the building has been constructed. The fitting of pipes must be done along the wall, and the plummer provides these services. The house will need water pipes and sewage connection. The plummer should have five-year experience in this field and should have obtained a Certificate in Plumbing. Other skills can include sound mind, good communication skills and fluent in both written and communication English. The plummer will ensure enough water supply in the house and the sewage flow in the wash-rooms and kitchen. In case of sewage blockage, the plummer should offer free services for three years of unblocking the blocked pipes (Swenson, 1995).

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All these professionals must be involved in order to make a permanent building which can not be destroyed by natural disaster. The contraction should be financed properly before the beginning because many buildings are contracted poorly due to lack of money to finance the project. The service providers should have relevant education and experience. This ensures high quality work and if  professionals are well paid, they always make acceptable job. 

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