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The Media

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Through the advertisements by different kinds of media, people are bombarded. From the huge layouts in the newspapers and magazines to thirty second spots on television to sexy echoing advertisements on billboards up and down the main roads to radio, people ca not help but see the marketing and absorb them into their minds. The advertisements rarely contribute a part in shaping people’s interests and dislikes. People tend to create opinions that are normally based orally from other people or from the advertisements they see daily even if they have not attempted to use the products.

Mayer (74) suggests that people obviously buy perfumes that they come to find out through the media advertisements because they liked the scent.  The mass media in all categories direct unsuspicious consumers through networks of information and anticipations. The mass media controls what consumers view, how they see it and when to see it. Sellers spend huge cash on market research and aware of who to aim at with definite advertisements. They also establish when their target spectators or viewers are mostly likely watching television as well as the certain shows by the use of demographics.

When it comes to perfume advertisement and market, the famous persons are a big draw. This is because at times the celebrity or the public figure of a celebrity represents what the perfume manufacturers want to describe to the public or the society (Paul 30). In that case if the perfume is produced with teenagers in mind and a smell is a light flowery, the celebrity presenter is likely to be someone that the teenage demographic will recount to. This may include a famous actress in youngster movies, an athlete or even a singer that many people look up to or recognize.

The liking and disliking of the perfume by someone hugely relies on the olfactory senses clearly.  Memory however largely determines the scents or smell.  Individual’s memories play an influential fraction when it comes to selecting a new perfume may be it is because roses bring back a cheerful day in grandmother’s garden or a clean linen aroma takes you back to a calm time in a country cottage (Roy 84).

However, when the media (magazine) participates in the perfume or fragrance advertising and marketing, they will have played their role if their advertisements got people as far as the branches of stores or anywhere that their perfumes are sold (Diane 222). Once consumers reach the stores the control is in their hands. 

Buy custom The Media essay

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