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"The Cutting Edge Salon"

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This is basically a new salon and the proposed name will be `The Cutting Edge Salon’ The location of this salon will be on busy street .This agreement was reached at after doing some extensive consultation and market research. We went out to get the operating license from the authorities and the info that we found from hair dresser Licenses allows us to get products .This can also be found or acquired by any other person with the intentions of getting in to this business directly from the manufacturers of the product, from a hair product supply company which exclusively sells products to hairdressers. This can also be got from an individual who basically does outside sales as a sales representative .We plan to get our products directly from the manufacturing company or from their representatives who  visits other hair salons and takes and delivers orders for the salons.

Depending on the quantity of hairdressers and manicurists on hand ,we intend to operate the salon in such away that the salon can average between 16-18 clients per one hairdresser and close to ten(10) clients on average per one manicurists.

For a service like a hair cut or something like a blow out for one clients, we intend to take a proximately an hour to one and a half, this will ensure that we do a great job on our clients. When it comes to dying and doing a blow out ,which takes relatively more time ,we intend to spend a proximately two hours .This will be the responsibility of one Keratin. The salon was moved a new location because of the expected more clients ,its only two hours from the previous location .This move was made because according to our research on customer base ,we are likely to have more clients by moving it between the turnpike and palmetto, This place is believed to have a more diversified clientele. Here the waiting time is likely to be less compared to our old location, here it is likely to take one customer only fifteen minutes (15) but this can extend to something like half an hour.

Clients will be required to schedule their appointments so that when they come to get their services they actually don’t have to waste a lot of their time by waiting .There will be a great atmosphere and ambience created by management to ensure that clients feel as comfortable as possible. This will be made possible by making the place fun to hangout .There will be magazines on fashion, style, lifestyles and so on and so forth to keep customers busy. The hairdressers at our salon will attempt engaging customers in conversation with the waiting customers, they will wine and horduerves will also be served over the weekends particularly on Saturdays.

The inventory here will be handled by the individual stylists who deal with their respective customers. Each of them will have a separate system on how they track their inventory. They will be responsible for anything that happens to their inventory. Customers can place their order for replenishment incase need arises. Cleaning will definitely be outsourced .The shampooist will also be charged with the responsibility of sweeping and cleaning all the bathrooms. The hairdressers will be charged with the responsibility of running their own working stations. They will also be responsible for fixing the styles of unhappy clients or try to accommodate them and give them whatever other service they may be in need of. The production process design will be monitored by the management to ensure that none of the clients gets a raw deal for their money. The quality of our services will be given priority to ensure that we don’t lose business.

Buy custom "The Cutting Edge Salon" essay

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