Custom «Target» Essay Paper

Custom «Target» Essay Paper

Target Corporation is United States based second largest discount retailer. The Corporation controls 1681 stores in 41 countries, of which 239 Super Targets deal with the grocery products and also general merchandise. The company deals with  wide range of products including shoes, clothes, health and beauty products, electronics, household goods, and hardware supplies. Furthermore, the corporation deals with licensed brands products and private label branded products, which are from local and international dealers. In its operations, the company includes online marketing, which handle credit and card services throughout its stores. The company provides a good basis for the study on the economic ideas. The corporation has an outstanding reputation of being an industry leader and top performer in financial matters. Its brand recognition stands at 96% due to the good history in innovation and financial services. The company is also one of the few companies, which have embraced, corporate blogging strategy, to boost their economy muscle (Gaughan, 2010).

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One of Target’s great ideas is to use of the corporate blog to enhance its financial strengths. Corporate blogging enables the company to meet the demands of the customers, and provide favorable marketing environment for the company’s sales. The corporate blogging straegy will enable the company to produce dedicated staff to their work thus meeting the employees’ needs. This strategy will also necessitate the consumers to freely interact with the management team and the employees, thus providing the company with reliable feedback concerning their products and the upcoming market trends. The corporate blogging will enable the company to serve the community as it has the corporate responsibility. The company will be able to make the tangible experience with their customers to be more personal, thus adding another financial benefit to their company (Vandome, 2010).

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The other big idea within the company is the philanthropic nature of the company. This is an idea, which has enabled the company to maintain good relationship with the community it operates. The company ranks as one of the most philanthropic company’s in the United States. The company donates 5% of its pre-tax operating benefits, which amount to over $ 3million a week, to communities within its area of operations. The company also donates cash and other educational materials to schools across the United States. Further, it donates medicines and equipments to hospitals and denominations such as the Salvation Army. The philanthropic nature of the company has boosted the company’s financial aspects to greater heights (Gaughan, 2010).

The company’s financial health has been the best as compared to its competitors, such as the Wal-Mart. It posts market capitalization of about 43.2 billion dollars, thus making it to be stable financially. The company has been in good position to line up its investment with its strategies to produce increased sales in its stores across the country. The company’s subsidiaries have become very successful and company’s online services have provided the company with significant percentage in their overall revenue. The company has been able to expand its market territory by accommodating both the slightly more up-market and more price-insensitive customer base, which provided more consumers thus increasing the sales (Vandome, 2010).

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The company has been affected by the United States Fiscal policy, which the federal government has used due to world’s economy recession, which is due to the US weak economy and the weakening dollar. The federal government wants to stabilize the situation by increasing the spending by the companies. The fiscal policy has compelled the Target Company to increase prices in its products thus making the consumers to deep more on their wallets. The impact of the fiscal policy has also made the company to reduce the number of employees in their stores by reducing the retirement age (Vandome, 2010).

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