Custom «Sunlight Drycleaners» Essay Paper

Custom «Sunlight Drycleaners» Essay Paper

Sunlight Drycleaners is a partnership business, whose location will be in Beaverton, Oregon. This organization will offer quality and cheaper cleaning services in the Oregon. It will clean a variety of households including shirts, blouses, pair of trousers, blankets, carpets, sheets, shoes, just to mention a few. Therefore, Sunlight Drycleaners will target population in Oregon States, which includes students and people of different social and economic classes, such as members and employees of various organizations. This organization will try to accomplish high volume of sales by serving clients at competitive prices. Sunlight Drycleaners will take a position on encouraging its stakeholders to behave and act in an ethical and responsible manner. For example, the organization will not allow employees to accept tips from vendors, but it is the expectations of the organizations that all stakeholders will behave in an ethical manner, according to ethical standards in the United States. The organization will treat its employees equally based on the same principles. Therefore, Sunlight Drycleaners has its own business ethics policy that will guide its stakeholders to behave accordingly.

Business ethics policy refers to professional ethics or applied ethics that enable an organization to examine ethical or moral problems and ethical principles that within the business environment (Jennings, 2012). This applies to every aspect of business conduct of businesspersons as well as entire organizations. Business ethics policies guide organizations on how to conduct a business in an ethical and responsible manner. Policies are extremely useful in encouraging the actions and choices of agents and employees that promote and meet the sensible expectations of all stakeholders of the enterprise (Jennings, 2012). A business ethics policy shows employees and officers the most crucial and less crucial tasks within an organization (Jennings, 2012). This ensures that every person make right and responsible decisions, as opposed to wrong and immoral. Sunlight Drycleaner’s code of ethics include obey the law, give respect to our suppliers, be caring to our members, be caring to our employees, and motivate our stakeholders.

In Sunlight Drycleaners, the law is incontrovertible and all employees must abide by the law for the organization to run smoothly. All stakeholders must carry on the business activities in compliance with the community’s laws. As an organization our pledge it to:

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v     Respect the public officials, such as the Area Counselors, President, Members of Parliament, and elders.

v     Comply with laws in the community.

v &nbp;   Comply with security and safety standards for the services provided.

v     Inform management if any employee observes unacceptable workplace misconduct.

v     Observe ecological standards according to the requirement of the community in which our business grows.

v     Comply with the applicable laws that have a close relationship with wages and working hours.

v     Comply with applicable antitrust legislation.

v     Carry on the business in a way that is proper and legal under the United States laws.

v     Not give or offer kickback, bribe, or anything of value to another person or pay to acquire government action because an individual will violate the United States laws.

v     Promote accurate, fair, understandable, and timely disclosure in reports that the Exchange and Securities Commission files. The suppliers of our organization are our business partners and it is necessary to prosper together so that Sunlight Drycleaners will succeed in its business. Suppliers of this organization include those organizations who sell chemicals and polythene paper bags. 

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v     Treat suppliers as well as their representatives with respect and in a humane way.

v     Respect all commitments that the suppliers show.

v     Protect the properties of the suppliers that they have assigned to Sunlight Drycleaners.

v     Not accept tips from supplier.

Be caring to our members

The membership of Sunlight Drycleaners is open to the owners of the business and other individuals. The key to our organization’s success depends partly on our members. Members of our organization will trusted us by paying for the services we will be offering to them. Therefore, it is necessary to protect our members’ trust so that the business can prosper. To continue earning trust from our members, we pledge to:

v     Provide top-quality services at competitive prices in the present market.

v     Provide best quality and safe services by requiring that both employees and suppliers comply with the highest safety standards within the laundry industry.

v     Provide members with a perffect satisfaction assurance on the services we offer, which includes their membership fee.

v     Assure all members that the services we offer are authentic in representation and in make.

v     Ensure that our shopping environment is a pleasant experience through making our members to feel at home.

v     Provide services to our members that are sensitive ecologically.

v     Give our members excellent customer service within the laundry industry.

v     Benefit our communities by allowing for employee volunteerism and corporate and employee contributions to Orphanage homes. Employees of our company will be the inevitable assets. We aim at recruiting the most competent employees, and we will provide all employees with many opportunities and rewarding challenges for career and personal growth. Our pledge is to ensure that employees of our organization experience:

v     Great benefits

v     Competitive wages

v     Career opportunities

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v     A healthy and safe work environment

v     Challenging as well as fun work

v     An atmosphere that is free from discrimination or harassment

v     Opportunity to allow for employee volunteerism and corporate and employee contributions to Orphanage homes so that the local community can benefit. The stakeholders of our organization should obtain rewards so that they can continue investing more money in our business.

v     We can be successful if we provide our shareholders with a attractive returns on the funds they invest in the organization.

v     This, also, includes the element of faith and trust. The shareholders trust us by investing their money in our business so that the organization becomes profitable.

v     Over the years Sunlight will be in business, we will consistently follow an upward trend concerning the value the services we offer. We will have difficulties, but overall trend will be consistently high.

v    We believe Sunlight Drycleaners is a valuable investment, and it is our assurance that we will operate our organization to reward our employees, as well as our stockholders. 

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