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Securing Your Organization’s Future

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In your own words, what is an organization’s mission?

An organization’s mission is a statement that describes a company’s own purpose. The company’s mission is used to set goals and objectives of the company; thus, it can be said to be a motivating factor that sets the goals and direction at a company. Normally it gives a description of why a company exists. Mission statements are short and memorable, describing in a short sentence just what a company needs to achieve; it sets the company’s goals (Seltzer, 2001). Strong mission must consider the needs of the client, and outline the methods of achieving these goals. Missions are usually set to provide value for money to the company’s clients. However, a business must make a profit; to achieve this, the company must strike a balance between the customers’ needs and the corporate ones. Lastly, mission statements give reasons for an organization’s existence.

Is it different from the organization’s vision?

Missions and visions are mandatory for any organization eyeing success since they define or describe the goals that a certain company has set to achieve. However, an organization’s vision is different in that it serves as the framework for the mission statement and gives a guideline on every aspect of the business. While a company’s mission works on weighing actions and decisions, a vision works towards implementing what the mission has to offer (Seltzer, 2001). Differences do exist, distinguishing mission statement from a vision statement. The mission statement is focused on the present welfare while the vision is concerned about the future. It describes what a company needs to accomplish for it to maintain sustainability and quality growth. A vision ensures that a given company is a delightful place where people get inspiration to work.

How does the mission affect the way an organization operates?

An organization’s mission defines an organization’s purpose. It is a unique statement; it identifies a company and its employees; it provides a sense of belonging and pride to the company’s staff. The purpose of its existence is to unite the human resource of a company and to direct the people towards achieving the goals. A mission ensures that a company has relevant existence, and it has direction (Seltzer, 2001). It also ensures that people meet deadlines hence they will not rally behind their competitors. Thus, it is evident that a mission statement is critical to the operations of a company; by defining the purpose and direction of a company, setting goals, and giving the employees a sense of belonging and pride, it produces an amicable environment within the organization. This facilitates the accomplishment of the organizations operations.

 What components do you consider being critical for an organization’s mission?

The mission statement’s main goal is to give the direction or a success path to a company. It outlines numerous goals and activities to be undertaken in order to be successful. Therefore, a mission statement is a critical component of an organization and needs to be well designed and to include various critical components. Mission statements vary in length, format, content, and specificity; however, most strategic managers and educators believe that an excellent mission statement should include nine critical components. A mission statement should outline the customers of an enterprise, the products, or services produced by the company, and the markets, which the company operates in; this is critical for the company to know its competitors and to develop appropriate strategies to counter competition (Seltzer, 2001). Furthermore, the mission statement should state the company’s philosophy, that is, the major beliefs, values, and aspirations of the company, the self-concept, which includes the firm’s weaknesses and strengths, and the competitive advantage of the firm. The world is always changing, and firms are adapting new methods of production; therefore, the mission should outline the firm’s basic technology. Lastly, the mission statement should portray the company’s concern for survival, growth, and profitability; concern for public image; and concern for its employees (Seltzer, 2001). These components are together designed to ensure the success of a company.

Do some quick research and find an example of a company's mission statement.

An example of a Mission statement for a restaurant is “Great Meals, Great Efforts.”

Buy custom Securing Your Organization’s Future essay

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