Custom «Securing The Companys Servers » Essay Paper

Custom «Securing The Companys Servers » Essay Paper


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Any serious company cannot ignore the importance of securing its Windows and Unix/Linux servers from known shortcomings/vulnerabilities. This is due to the fact that the Windows machines may end up having serious security problems. As a matter of fact, Windows has a bad security record when it comes to operating systems (Dubin, 2005, p. 123). There is need for the company to create a set of layered defenses and avoid the idea of running capricious programs. It is also better for the company to substitute programs that have a terrible security track record with more reliable programs (Dubin, 2005, p. 127).

The role of the Company information security officers is to ensure that the windows and Unix/Linux servers are secured from shortcomings and vulnerabilities; otherwise the company may risk being targeted by hackers (Brown, 2011, p. 58). The dynamic internet ecosystem sees the myriad of VLAN switches, firewalls, routers, and other devices, thus making servers and devices unreachable from a simple configuration error (Brown, 2011, p. 185-9). Today, cyber criminals are more organized than before, it is therefore paramount for the company to react with focus and effective stratagem in the key areas of technology (Brown, 2011, p. 219). Information security officers are therefore properly trained and well informed of all advancements regarding technological improvements in the communication industry. For example, the security personnel are well trained to monitor occurrences of reverse social engineering, social engineering and shulder surfing and how to avoid them (Dubin, 2005, p. 128).

Securing Company Network Servers

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As the Information Security Officer, I will give priority to the use of digital certificates in company servers’ security. The installation and use of digital certificates will enhance optimal management and security ofClient Access servers. This can be installed with a default self-signed digital certificate (Danseglio, 2005, p.175).  The digital certificate will help the company since it authenticates the holder. This will secure the servers from unauthorized users. In order to ensure safety and security of data that is exchanged online, digital certificates must be considered. It helps in protecting company and client data from theft or tampering by hackers (Danseglio, 2005, p.175-176).

To ensure secure connectivity between the management and the client the company and client servers must be secured. I will thus advocate for the installation and use of server certificates. This will limit incidences of theft and hackings from server criminals. The server certificate helps in enhancing client server authentication (Danseglio, 2005, p.123).This will provide the company with a stronger server security. It will demand that a client or any other user of the company server supply a valid trusted certificate.

To further support server and information security, I will recommend and introduce the use of trust model certification. For example, the hierarchical trust model will protect the company and client information. Hackers interccept emails and confidential information through email interception if the servers are not secured. The hierarchical trust model ensures that users of the company server have valid certification for accessing the company servers (Brown, 2011, p. 185-9). This will help in enhancing server security. This high security system will enhance protection of the servers against spyware and browser hijackers.

The Importance of Securing Windows and Unix/Linux Servers from Shortcomings/ Vulnerabilities

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Attacks on company software are now very serious crimes in the world today. It is therefore very important for the company information security officers to protect its servers by ensuring that certificate authorities are only with the authorized personnel to reduce chances of sharing adware sites and also chances of social engineering (Brown, 2011, p. 75). Furthermore, there is a possibility of the computer hackers waging cyber warfare against the company. The company’s employees may also be at risk of falling prey to credit card fraud and rob it of lots of money and can only avoid this by employing the use of secure socket layer, wired equivalent privacy or transport layer security (Brown, 2011, p. 75-6).

In conclusion, in pursuing the efforts to secure the company servers, it is very important for the company to develop an infrastructure security that will improve its Network Operations Center security and confidentiality. Developing a secure and efficient server room is a priority for the information and communication in the company.

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