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Riordan Manufacturing

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It is clear that firms should improve on their systems thus improving on manufacturing and inventory processes. Some of the changes, which are vital for an enacted to achieve this, include upgrading current systems as increased utilization of computer systems for firms to be more efficient. For Riordan Manufacturing, the need of using computerized systems in data entry is a matter of urgency in all its braches such as San Jose, Michigan, Georgia and China. Currently, the firm uses different system in the branches, thus becoming hard to consolidate manufacturing and inventory information. Further, it is hard to euthanatize inventories from external facilities resulting to lack of continuity thus increased costs and time consumption.

Business requirements definition for system upgrades

For Riordan Manufacturing, manufacturing and inventory system upgrade is based on three major options. They include the virtualBox from Sun Microsystems, VirtualBOS: Business Operating Systems and Microsoft Office Accounting Express. In upgrading the system, Riordan Manufacturing may use the existing or acquire new equipments for the purpose .By using the existing hardware to upgrade the system; Riordan Manufacturing will be able to cut on cost hence better performance on all its branches. It is vital come up with time implementation deadline by use of Gantt chart for managing the projects, software and hardware installations, assessments, software support and user training. By selecting one of the present actions, based on cost and time effectiveness among other notable aspects, the firm will be able to carry out the inventory and manufacturing upgrade within the stipulated duration by selected team.


From above information, it is clear that Riordan Manufacturing can adopt any of the above actions for system upgrade. By doping this, the firm will reduce on operation cost and meet the set deadlines in all its branches across the globe.



Buy custom Riordan Manufacturing essay

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