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Recruit Select and Induct Staff

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Full life cycle recruiting refers to the process of finding, evaluating, and assimilating new employees into the organization. The process helps the business to fulfill its staffing needs through hiring qualified individuals that will ensure the success of the organization. Some company carry out this process in their organization while others delegate this duty to personnel agencies. The management should consider all the policies that affect recruitment in the organization. The policies include equal employment opportunities and discrimination which if not considered would cause conflicts in the workplace thus inefficiency in the work force. Full life cycle recruiting consists of a series of sets that interlink.

When a post in the organization becomes vacant, the job description of the vacant post is evaluated by the human resource department. The job description receives approval from the management and using appropriate media the post is announced internally or externally depending on the target audience. The organization may use memo, news papers, internet and professional bodies to source for applicants. Some organization visits tertiary institutions during career fairs to recruit workers into the organization. Recruitment of workers is effective if the announcement reaches the targeted audience. For an external audience, the organization should use means frequently used by the public.

Applicants send their information to the company. After evaluation of their professional qualifications and their presentations, a successful candidate receives the job offer. The recruitment process may start again if the selection panel is not contented with the candidate, cases of corruption affect the selection process, or the candidate turns down the job offer. The organization has to re-advertise the position to receive other applicants. The selection process narrows down the option available to the recruitment team. The candidate that has the best combination of qualities is offered the job. The candidate offered the job receives the terms of employment and negotiations on the salary may take place.

Induction is the final process in the recruitment cycle; the candidate signs a contract agreeing to the terms of employment. The reporting date is established at this stage. The organization evaluates the workers documents conducting a background check to check the credibility of the worker. The organization may evaluate criminal records, previous employee files and referees quoted by the worker in his resume. After evaluation and validation of this information, the employee reports and is introduced to the organization.

A member of the staff is selected to induct the new employee. The person selected should be knowledgeable to represent the organization is the right way. Induction determines the ease of settling into the organizations practices. Induction should take a log time to ensure that the new employee understands the activities conducted in the organization. Equipping the new worker with the information needed to work efficiently in the company enhances the organization effectiveness.

Buy custom Recruit Select and Induct Staff essay

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