Custom «Perfume Magazine» Essay Paper

Custom «Perfume Magazine» Essay Paper

The advertising power is stunning and Perfume magazines are part of the mass medium that plays various roles concerning the perfume industry. This is because the industry is a multimillion dollar venture as a lot of new perfumes are launched and brought in yearly and customers by no means appear to be exhausted of buying the products. Most men and women are fond of using perfumes as part of their daily tidying up habits.  The magazine media involves in the perfume industry in order to manipulate the sensitivity of people on given products in the industry (Paul 23).

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According William (55) the perfume magazines also help the perfume companies in branding the new invention of products so that they can reach out to the users. They mostly use successful approaches like finding famous people to support in branding the product.  Through the use of such approaches, the consumers can easily notice the products and go for them and therefore the perfume companies will easily be able to market and sell their fragrances. The magazines also use special shapes of containers like that of a form of a woman’s figure with attractive colors. The approach can also be suitable as even those that may create perfumes that have scents that are not so good will still do well because the celebrity backing. This will be of great help to the perfume companies as most producers are never creative concerning such matters     

The perume magazines are behind the successful stories of most perfumes as they are being depended on by most manufacturing companies. The sales representatives of the magazines issue free samples to the consumers while in the supply rooms and the hooked up ones will later buy the products thus an income to the company (William 33).

Not only do the magazines help in marketing the fragrances but they also help the consumer with knowledge concerning the product. Information such as how the product is supposed to be used or applied, the quantity to apply, how often and also the details of the content of the products are provided. The information may also include the price at which the product is sold so that by the time the consumer decides to buy the perfume or the fragrance, he or she will be totally sure of the product. The manufacturing companies may also use the perfume magazines to let the public know about the offer or discount on their products at a given period and how long the offer will last (Diane 44). The interviews with famous people are also included in the magazines.

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An example of such magazines is the Esquire magazine which is published every month and meant for the market of men under the age of 45. It focuses on shopping, entertainment, gadgets, fashion and health. The articles featured in the magazine comprise of interviews with well-known actors, capitalists or politicians of the moment.

There are two main social illustratioons of masculinity in the magazine.  Cool cosmopolitan is the first man who is emotionally isolated but rather controlled body. He symbolizes the existing hegemonic perfect masculinity that the magazine sponsors. He is secure and brave in the face of hardship but depends more on intelligence than strength. He is skilled at using the apparatus of modernity (all the most recent knowledge and gadgets but is never a nerd. The man is a soft operator confidently placed within the up-market accessories and fashionable labels culture of consumer (Mayer 99). He may also be viewed as a controlled and scheming risk taker emerging in the movies and fiction of twentieth century famous culture like James Bond.

The next most common masculinity image is The Action man frequently revealed as the outdoor kind, a sportsman or an explorer. He depends mainly on his bodily potency, agility and ability for him to overcome his surrounding or get success. The passion with personality, perfume and clothing, bodily and sexual look are the main themes in the magazine. The location of self-esteem is stiff in a background of materialist use in which ladies and gentlemen work mainly as consumers. Practically all the social representation of masculinity and femininity are positioned within linked to features of consumer culture whether it is perfume selling in advertisement or support of films and books in dialogues. So far in the same magazine, sexual woman is the most leading social representation of femininity (Richard 201).

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