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No Child Left Behind

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The first intervention to deal wit LEP challenges is, No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act’s Title III particularly call upon all district to verify that all LEP teachers are fluent not only in English but any other  language that is employed for instruction (Crawford, 1997). This attempts to solve the problem of language diversity in schools. The second intervention for the program is an assurance from teachers and principals that their will be proper placement of students basing on designed procedure of assessment. This could go a long way in solving the dilemma brought about by inappropriate assessment and placement of SEP students.

The problem of parent’s skills in English could be solved in a proactive way. First of all during the process of incorporating the school’s LEP student population within community, there is a need of translating meetings and materials into its student’s language (ECS, 2010). The multilingual communication’s barrier could be broken by using various multilingual computer and web-based technologies like online translators.  This can only work in a situation where families can access translators and if they clear, accurate and reliable.  However, teachers need to take caution while dealing with such technologies for they are sometimes very unreliable and it could be misleading and confounding using them.

My thought about the issue is that schools should endeavor to incorporate LEP students within the settings to allow them suit within comfortably.  Schools can additionally provide ESL classes at an adult-level in schools to allow parents learn English and help students at home. They could also share the required socio-cultural information with parents concerning the schools. Finally schools can also organize meetings and invite parents on voluntary basis and offer them meaningful approaches to participate within the school.

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