Custom «Nepotism» Essay Paper

Custom «Nepotism» Essay Paper

Employing Mary Smith in the organization is a practice of nepotism since she does not have the required qualifications for the job but she is simply a family member of one of the organization’s founders. The practice of nepotism in this organization will definitely inflict a bad morale to the other workers. Mary is seen to misuse her office by arriving late for work, favoring some workers to others and, above all, tempering with the organization documents. For organizations to achieve their goals effectively, they should employ competent workers who are qualified for their positions and able to maintain good ethics and cooperation with other workers.

Summary of the Major Problems That Mary Smith Has Caused In Her Short Tenure with the Company

Basically, Mary’s contributions to the organization have been minimal and have been overshadowed by the problems she has caused to the firm since her employment. To begin with, Mary Smith has been irresponsible with her obligations in the organization by arriving late for work and sometimes failing to turn up completely. As a result, she has been unable to coordinate activities in the organization adequately as required and, therefore, meet the core objectives of an administrative assistant. Moreover, she has made working in the organization more unethical by being unable to promote work cohesion. Her inability to develop and maintain specialized reports and records that are used to reflect departmental work processes has made it impossible for the organization to make effective decisions of expanding their operations.  Additionally, other employees have been disappointed by her wrong behavior in the organization and this has resulted to their inconsistent performance in the overall routines of the firm owing to their lack of appreciation (Darwin, 2009).

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Mary Smith has also been disrespectable to her seniors in the organization. For instance, she is unable to perform any duties delegated to her by the supervisors because she is certain her position in the firm is secure in that she cannot be fired. Therefore, the activities of the organization and its performance with regard to its objectives have been affected negatively and some key employees have quit their jobs due the frustration she has caused them. Generally, the company has been crippled by her negative impact on its functions, such as the inability to provide good performance evaluation of other departments, making planning of activities difficult.

A Job Description That Details the Necessary Tasks That Ms. Smith Should Perform In Her Role as Administrative Assistant

As her current supervisor, I would expect Ms. Smith to perform a number of tasks in accordance to her position in the company. First of all, she should create and maintain confidential files of all departmental operations and performance (Washington, 1999). By keeping records systematically, it will be possible for the firm’s top management to establish a good report of the firm’s position and overall performance and hence devise the relative measures that should be taken to advance it. To be able to maintain reliable files, Mary will be supposed to relate well with al other employees in all departments to make it possible for her to easily identify their performance.

Secondly, she should coordinate work flow in the company and follow up delegated tasks to ensure that deadlines are met. Whenever the managers are not available, Mary should always be in a position to undertake all the activities of ensuring other employees carry out their duties adequately. She should maintain good ethics within the firm by enhancing superior work cohesion whereby every employee feels appreciated. When projects are assigned to the workers, she is supposed to develop adequate procedures on how the operations are to be undertaken. This will ease the manner by which projects are monitored and evaluated and therefore promote the performance of the workforce. She should also ensure that specific activities are carried out by specialized employees (Washington, 1999).

Thirdly, Mary Smith is obliged to prepare and control administrative budgets for the firm’s management. She should evaluate how activities are being undertaken within the organization and establish whether there are additional costs in production that need to be provided. Therefore, she should produce budgets giving an overview of how various activities are to be financed. This will help the company’s management to be aware of what amount of money to keep as contingency budget to make sure that the company does not experience deficit budgeting whenever other activities such as training new workers have to be funded. Additionally, she will be supposed to prepare and present expense reports in case some staff members of the firm go out for trips to other companies to learn skills and techniques so that they may improve their firm.

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Finally, she has to represent the organization in conferences or meetings that may be organized by the government to enrich companies with new production requirements that improve public welfare. In this case, she should prepare reliable reports that help the firm to have a better insight on how its operations should be carried out so as to comply with the law. Furthermore, she should coordinate the manner in which the company carries out interviews to recruit new employees and on how training of new workers is done. She has to monitor the human resource personnel to ensure that they embrace accountability in all their operations (Washington, 1999).

The Steps I Would Take To Resolve This Situation If I Were Her Supervisor and How I Would or Would Not Include the Founder in My Communication

To solve the situation of Mary’s failure to work responsibly, I will take a number of actions to ensure she can cooperate and carry out her duties satisfactorily. The first step will be to approach and advise her about the nature of her role. In this case, I will guide her to realize whatever is expected by the company from her and the need to undertake her duties responsibly. The next step will be to ensure that the company provides a good working condition for her. Having informed about the expectations the firm has of her position, I will ensure that other employees recognize her as their genuine administrative assistant and give her the required respect and therefore provide a good working condition for her to execute her duties.

After providing a good environment for her in the company, the next step will be to offer her support and guidance so that I may influence her to deliver her best. This will be done by ensuring that she sets out her own targets and thereby instruct her on how make sure she achieves those goals. The following step will be to motivate her by offering some incentives to her and other workers whenever company objectives are realized effectively. Finally, I will exercise maximum monitoring of her performance, ensure that she gets to work early as required by the firm and by check the progress of her operations. I will have to ensure that she relates well with employees and executes her duties effectively and that she is a role model to the rest of the workforce. If she follows my guidelines adequately, there will be no need to involve the founders of the company in correcting her work ethics. Otherwise, if she proves defiant and is unwilling to cooperate, then I will inform the executives and explain to them how her bad habits have cost the company so that they may decide on what to do with her.

Description of the Negative and Positive Effects On a Workforce for Hiring an Unqualified Individual Who Is Related To a Founder of the Company

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There are several effects to a workforce which may be either positive or negative for hiring unqualified individuals who are related to a firm’s founders. In this case, the negative effects surpass the positive ones. However, some of the positive effects may be that the company becomes more of a family business; hence, the workforce is able to share information freely. Moreover, these acts of nepotism help to create work opportunities for family members and equip them with some skills and ensure much of the benefits of the firm go to their families. The relatives may also have some inherited capabilities that are helpful in developing the company even if they are not highly qualified (Cooke, 2012).

On the other hand, nepotism has several negative effects to the workforce. To begin with, it leads to discrimination of other workers in the organization. For instance, these workers tend to lean towards some employees than others, hence leading to unethical practices in the firm. Additionally, nepotism may lead to the loss of very important workers in the company. This is because people who are relatives seem to be tolerated by the management even when they are not performing. This leads to a lack of cohesion within the company, and hence the hard working workers who feel unappreciated leave the firm. When relatives are working in the same organization, it may also lead to the publicizing of family disputes to other members within the workforce.

In conclusion, nepotism has more negative effects to the workforce than the positive effects. Therefore, it should not be encouraged if a firm is really interested in fulfilling its objectives. In most cases, when people are hired in organizations led by their relatives, they undermine other workers, and hence operations cannot be carried out appropriately. If it is a must for these people be retained in any organization, they should then be made to follow all the guidelines and obey the other authorities.

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