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Mittle Electronics

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The profit making organization works toward making profit and winning the competition against the organizations which provide the same products in the market. The main aim of business is to benefit and expand its products in the market, and this is achieved by marketing and taking business positively. The managers of each business make sure the set goal and target of each year are achieved, and when they fail to do that they reorganize and formulate new strategies. There are some employees who promote the business and make it more profitable by sales promotion. In case with Mittle Electronics, Brain Abernathy has increased company’s sales and income to a great extent. Due to him, the company’s yearly account was $27 M. This showed that the strategies he applied could help the business to grow.


Brain had outstanding clients who promoted the business by making large sales and after his death Kimberly Rowland replaced him as a new sales representative of the company. Kimberly should handle all the duties of the sales representative agent. She should work to promote the sales and keep the name of the company safe before the public. Brain did business which brought favorable results as he contacted illegal affairs with some clients in order to achieve outstanding results. Kimberly should ensure that she protects the name of the company and keep clients’ trust. She should also do everything possible to retain prominent clients in the business.

My role as a sales manager is to promote the business and ensure that the company has made more sales and achieved the target. The income from the business was $27 M, however, taking into account the depreciation this result can be termed as a failure. The work as a sales manager is to make sure that the returns does not go below the target level set by Brain (Raymond, 2003).

Kimberly does not want to work like Brain and that is why she has asked about Anwar, an outstanding customer who worked with Brain. Kimberley should put efforts and ensure that the business target retains should remain the same. The sales of the electronics must be fixed and customers should get discounts in order to keep buying from the company because many people prefer working with a certain individual and if they do not find Brain they may quit or address to another company. The provision of discounts to the outstanding customer will make them to remain loyal to the company instead of liking Brain. Then, Kimberly will befriend the entire client base who has worked with Brain to have them trust her as they have trusted him (Michel, 2008).

It is a well known fact that the customer is always right in business and should get full respect since he provides employment for a number of managers, directors and other company’s employees. The company will not have money to keep going without the customer. The latter buys products and makes the business generate the money by investing and developing the business and increasing the profit. Basing argument for this concern of how to keep Anwar is to give him full respect even if what they did with Brain was unethical. This may be achieved by listening to his demands and showing him other means of doing business if applicable. Anwar has trusted the company and has exposed all what they did to Brain. This can prove that they contacted business with trust. The openness of Anwar means that he will respond to whatever the company tells him since he wants to make more money and continue developing the business (Raymond, 2003).

The best way to handle Anwar is to ask Kimberley to talk to Anwar in a polite and careful manner, since she represents the company as a sales manager and holds the same post as Brain. Anwar has a perception that doing business in an unethical way brings more money and income, but he only supports this idea as nobody has told him that clean business can bring the same amount of money. Kimberly will explain to Anwar the approaches of contacting business and make sure that he understands that getting into such an unclean business can bring trouble to an individual and the company. Handling Anwar with respect and polite way will make him change and accept the manner of carrying out the clean business in the right way and will be aware of the mistakes which have been made while cooperating with Brain. On the other hand, if he refuses to do clean business we will have to find another client to replace him because if the unclean business is exposed, the company loses all the clients and trust of the public (Michel, 2008).

Kimberley will be reporting on the work on a daily basis and describe all the actions taken concerning what she has done and the type of customers she has approached. This will make her do clean business and not to get tempted to follow Brain’s strategies. All the clients will operate directly from the head office, and they will get their products issued by the company with a receipt and rubberstamp. A special commission will be created that is to control her actions and financial stability to prevent her from adopting unclean business (Waymack, 1990).


Many people who engage themselves in a corrupt business get a lot of income in return, but the business collapses at a time. It does not last long enough to benefit from it. The time comes when the truth exposes and all customers quit. The best way to succeed in business is to have open relationships with customers and public.

Buy custom Mittle Electronics essay

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