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Micro Factors

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Low staff morale is one of the risks associated with foreign investment in tourism in Cuba. This comes about due to inadequate motivation by foreign companies to their staff. This is a risk because it could reduce efficiency and slow the companies’ operations. Secondly, worker strikes are another risk encountered. Foreign investors have been known to exploit their workers especially the locals. This could lead to could lead to destruction of the company’s property hence jeopardizing its operations (Cunliffe, 2).

Secondly according to Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs (1), there are so many health risks brought about by foreigners in the country. Environmental degradation within the region, for example dirty beaches lead a backlash in operations.  Negative modifications in the aesthetics of various destinations, regular storms, and carbon emissions are some of other micro risks linked to foreign investment in tourism. Other risks are related to occupation health, drug abuse and alcoholism, prostitution which leads to infectious diseases and also chronic diseases.

Mitigation measures

  • Boosting staff morale through good pay, staff holidays and other rewards.
  • Awareness creation; educating both workers and tourists on the need to protect themselves against infectious diseases.
  • Initiative to curb drug and substance abuse.
  • Practicing sustainable /green tourism.
  • Protecting workers against occupation hazards.

Buy custom Micro Factors essay

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