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Media and Communication

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Media communication involves some processes that transmission and storage channels of used in delivery or storage of data or information. Sometimes referred as, mass media or news media.

The print media

The initial stage of human communication begun in the invention of artificial media.  At around 550 B.C the Persians developed the first postal system which acted as an intelligence centre where king of Medes made use of this developed system of courier to communicate his decisions. It was as well used by the Roman Empire to centralize control from Rome (David 2005).  After the alphabetic writing was discovered, the field gained civilization and focused on printing as the basic information transfer mode this ideographic writing produced the initial civilization which presided the alphabetic writing.

Effects of print media

Although it managed to reach a sizable part of the expected population, it managed to make a breakthrough in the field of communication from the traditional unreliable ways. It marked the beginning of modern civilization, where transfer of complex information, concepts and ideas was transferred from one individual to another.

Electronic media

Electronic media is the recent discovery in the mass communication sector. As compared to static (printed) media which preceded it, electronic media has developed through various stages to reach where it is today. The electronic media generally familiar with many people are audio and video recordings, multimedia and slide presentations, disks and online media which are largely on digital form (Scannell, 2007). Different styles of writing were developed the whole world over and each had its own achievements. It has served as the best source of record as it is less prone to damage and other shortcomings. During the industrial revolution, intercity communication was improved as mass production was made possible.

Effects of electronic media

The effects to this type of communication are the far distance conveyance of information within a flash of a second. In 1906, the first Trans Atlantic radio broadcast that applied the analogue technology was put in place. In the modern world, telecommunication has globalised everything in the world over through long distance exchange of information on internet, e-mail and voice calls. Socially, media technology has brought people together more and more through the creation of online communities and social networking sites (Mansell and Raboy, 2011). It has thus helped to connect diverse people over distant geographical locations. It has expanded the internet business and other events on online version. It is not wrong to say that everything has gone the information technology way as there is barely no field that is unaffected by it has thrived as expected.

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