Custom «McDonald’s» Essay Paper

Custom «McDonald’s» Essay Paper

The McDonald’s chain of restaurants does business in more than 122 countries worldwide. Their customer base has been increasing over time, and today, the data show that one McDonald’s restaurant serves more than 50000 customers per day (Jakle, & Sculle, 1999). About 70 percent of the total number of the McDonald’s restaurants in the world has been taken over and owned by private investors. The global strategy of the company does not focus only on establishing restaurants but on offering a wide range of valuable things and services that help in boosting the revenues. In almost all McDonald’s restaurants, the customers are able to eat in a comfortable and pleasant environment. This ranges from both indoor to outdoor seating arrangements at the comfort of the customer. The set of services offered by McDonald’s varies depending on the location of the restaurant. This is caused by the fact that some services may not be comfortable in highly-populated areas, where people look for space.

Data and Information

McDonald’s Company mostly focuses on revealing factors that are considered to be disadvantageous to the business. Being a fast food industry located in different parts worldwide, there are several views that have been given by key players in the industry with regard to their contribution to the global wellbeing of the society, the quality of their services, health hazards, promotion of its products, and health competition with its competitors.

The first concern has been raised by environmental experts. Since it is a restaurant, there is a possibility that wastes that it produces are detrimental to the environment. First, the industry uses non-recycled materials to pack food for their customers. The customers may then use and dispose them without putting into consideration the damage they are causing to the environment. McDonald’s has realised that they play a critical role in influencing the way of life and world that humanity will live in the future. It has, therefore, used the data collected by environmental experts to seek lasting solutions for environmental problems that may be caused by their current operations globally (Mattern, 2011). A post on the McDonald’s website claimed that McDonald’s is intended to improve the industry in order to make sure that the environment is well taken care of. It also had some ways that have been proposed and laid down as the convenient means of meetingthe needs, while saving on the cost involved in environmental health. An example of the proposal is the use of cup sleeves to replace the current double cupping. The other innovation is the use of the birch wood for coffee stirrers. Today, the plastic sticks are used for stirring coffee, which are disposable but irreclaimable. These proposals are far less expensive and are able to mitigate the current environmental threats that are faced in the society. This data and information has been employed by McDonald’s and used to look into the environmental effects and guard the livelihood of the future generations.

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McDonald’s chains of restaurants are well-known all over the world. Since its founding, citizens have been aware of its products and services. Numerous entrepreneurs are much focused on owning the McDonald’s franchise. This is because the brand comes with its own customers, and, therefore, it saves time and money for an entrepreneur. He or she will not need to do any type of marketing and spend extra money. The products are also centralized, and it makes it easy for one to continue the business. Since the society is dynamic, it is essential for the company to survey customer’s views on their products annually, so that they can be aware of the changes and improvements that need to be introduced in the sector. McDonald’s was founded some years ago, and the tastes of its customers were different from the current preferences of people.

Fast food restaurants have been associated with obesity. Numerous researches show that eating in a fast food restaurant increases the chances that an individual will get obese. With these trends, people tend to shy away from the fast food restaurants as they seek to look after their health. Shying away from the fast food restaurants will result in decreasing the sales for the company. McDonald’s being one of the fast food restaurants faces the same challenge (Gilbert, & Gilbert, 2009). Through getting data and information on the risks posed by their food, and recommendations from various experts, the restaurant should diversify the range of products they offer. For example, adding fruit or any other healthy foods to the diet may be cheap and will serve as a tool of increasing the company’s income. McDonald’s should also offer some recreational facilities that allow customers to enjoy exercising, while burning fat calories that have been gained when eating in the restaurant. They should also encourage their customers to place orders where they wwill be given the recommended package of each type of food at a low figure.

McDonald’s is a restaurant chain that should look into the adoption of new technology in dealing with various issues. For example, they should advertise their location in various parts of the world so as to avail its services to many customers and make more sales. Through the same site, they should encourage their customers to post their views and feedbacks on how some of their services should be improved to meet the demands of the changing society. They should also post on their websites information on ways to be used by the interested parties to own a franchise.

Provision of relevant information about the services offered in the restaurant is essential in boosting sales and increasing business activity of McDonald’s. The company should employ the modern means to take orders from customers. The business should study the tastes and preferences of the today’s customers. With this data at hand, they will be able to develop new products and services appropriate and claimed by the future generation. For example, since almost every individual has a mobile phone, the company should design a system where customers will be able to place their orders via the mobile phone application. McDonald’s should aim at being always the best. It should look into the quality of their services in order to leave behind their business rivals, such as Burger King, which is one of the leading fast food restaurants in the world. Healthy competition ensures that there is high quality of services offered to customers and a stable customer base. The most crucial activity that is detrimental to the operations of McDonald’s is security of the information that the customers provide. It should be guarded with care, and information leakage may affect the McDonald’s business.

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McDonald’s has since its foundation undergone a tremendous growth. It has moved from being a family business to a globally operating chain of the fast food restaurants. Many entrepreneurs seek to be a part of the business. Utilization of data and personal information is a boost in the sector (Gould, 2000). Today, the company works hard at every aspect of its operations, in order to keep pace with the shifting demands of customers worldwide. Technological advancements and professional operations have assisted in meeting the needs of the globally spread customers’ base.

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