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Konti IT UC

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In the recent times competition between organizations operating in the same field has highly increased. This is attributable to reduced barriers of entry, improved innovation, and invention among other notable factors. As a result of this, firms have been forced to employ various techniques to attract and retain customers, failure to which their profitability levels will drop (Hamilton and Feenstrat, 1998). As witnessed in 2008, during the global financial crises, many organizations had to close their shops due to reduced profitability levels. Consequently, unemployment levels in most parts of the globe have surged up. This has forced governments and other stakeholders to encourage young people to venture into alternative form of employment.

Having undertaken an adequate training in the field of information technology, I strongly feel I have all skills required to start and sustain a business. The kind of organization I want to develop will be referred to as Konti IT UC. The firm will be based in Texas, United States, as this is a high potential market, especially for companies, which require such services. The organization will be a full service computer repair company with custom builds, IT management, and networking. The organization clients will be other companies in the country who require computer supplies and repairs, management, as well as networking. To ensure the organization runs properly, its mission and vision must be known. Konti IT UC’s mission will be to become world class computer organization through provision of excellent facilities. The vision of the firm will be to provide excellent computer services to all clients, hence ensuring customer satisfaction (Clarke, 1991).

The management of the firm will comprise the managing director, board of governors and the employees. The organization will hire its employees from the local communities as a part of corporate social responsibilities. The initial capital for the organization is less than $500,000, thus cannot sustain a large number of employees at the start-up stages. The organization is required to hire staff with excellent skills in computer applications and networking. The staff hired will be required to attend a training workshop to familiarize themselves with the products and services before handling the customers. This will ensure the clients will be satisfied with the organization service, hence Konti IT UC organizations will maximize the profit.

Konti IT UC organization will provide different goods and services to their clients. Firstly, the organization will provide service to computers and servers of different companies, such as laptops and desktops as well as their accessories. Secondly, the organization will build custom systems for management and maintenance of the computers and servers supplied. Thirdly, the organization will design networks, install, and maintain them for companies. There are several staffing challenges, which will face the firm. One of the challenges is cash flow management in the company. The management needs to control the cash flow to ensure good running of the organization. First, it will be crucial to establish finance department as well as to employ a qualified accountant to handle the accounts department. The accountant will be required to give a summary of the income of the company as well as the expenses. This will help the management to understand whether the organization is running at a profit or at a loss (Norhria, 2009).

The other challenge likely to hinder rapid expansion of the firm is hiring. Hiring people in a new organization is tedious and risky, since dedicated people are required to ensure the company stands. To deal with this challenge, the management of Konti IT UC will determine the roles, skills required, number of roles and then advertise the jobs in the media. Qualifications of the required staff will be analyzed properly and will be followed to ensure only qualified people are placed for the jobs. Similarly, the candidate will be required to have Information Technology skills as well as networking skills, since the organization will be dealing with IT equipments.

For Konti IT UC organization to handle the employees properly, leadership dashboards will be developed in various business units. These leadership dashboards required include human resources, responsible for hiring activities among other notable duties. The HR department will compare talent data, hiring data as well as performance data of the people to be hired for the job. To ensure the staffs are trustworthy, the organization will develop a learning culture that will allow the employees to offer ideas on how to improve the organization. This will offer Konti IT UC organization to grow, hence maximize the profit margins of the company. The ideas offered by the employees will be implemented into the organization to improve the service and support of the clients. The other challenge, which may face Konti IT UC organization, is the problem in determining the customer behavior. This is as a result of generation gap in the environmental societies in the country.

Konti IT UC organization is required to develop strong marketing strategies to improve their market in the region. To maximize the profits of Konti IT UC organization the management needs to enhance marketing strategies. One of the marketing strategies, which can be enhanced, is advertising. The company will require advertising their products to raise customer loyalty level. Some of the advertising methods that will be used are online advertising, use of billboards on the roads as well as media advertising. The online advertisement will involve social media sites such as linked in, Twitter and Facebook. The company will advertise their products and use the initial companies to testify their products. The second marketing strategy that can be used by Konti IT UC is regular promotion. The company will offer discount services to their clients to increase the number of clients. In addition, the firm will offer free repair services to its clients for the first three months. The third marketing strategy to be employed by Konti IT UC is to lower the servicing of server and computer prices to client companies. However, the company services should offer high quality services so that the clients can have high confidence in our products.

Organization plan development affects the company significance and development. The organization structure of Konti IT UC company will comprise of the managing director, finance, marketing and human resource.

(Norhria, 2009)

The managing director will handle the company operations. The finance department will ensure all the account operations are handled carefully. Likewise, it will ensure the company maximizes the profits and reduces the costs incurred by the company. The marketing department will determine the marketing strategies as well as market opportunities of their products in the country. Likewise, they will ensure promotions are done several times to attract customers. The human resource department will be responsible for promoting workforce for Konti IT UC organization. The department will ensure the workforce have the required skills for the designated jobs.

Motivating managers and employees is a key skill required in every organization. During development of motivational skills, individual differences for the workers should be analyzed through interviews and questionnaires. There are several ways the firm will employ in order to motivate all employees The most crucial way to motivate my employees is by creating a healthy communication channel, thus ensuring that their challenges in workplace are handled in time. This way bureaucracy will be significantly reduced, hence enhancing quality delivery to our esteemed customers. Secondly, there will be an urgent need to integrate the views of all the employees, regardless of the position they occupy in the firm. As argued by Clarke (1991), this is a key ingredient of ensuring innovation and invention, as clearly seen in major international organizations, such as Apple Inc., Google Inc., and Coca Cola Company among others. In addition I will employ job rotation to the managers in different departments to reduce performing repetitive tasks, thus giving them an opportunity to learn new skills (Mizruchi, 1994).

In Konti IT UC organization human approach to managing will be employed, since this approach prepares the management to handle emerging issues adequately. Likewise, the approach provides value-oriented society as well as focusing on their movement. Mizruchi (1994) through human approach, it is easy for corporate leaders to manage employees in an organization. This way market share is significantly improved, hence maximizing the profits. This approach is enormously supported by critical assessment of human relations theory of management. This is due to the fact that human approach to the management builds the relationship between the employees and the managers, thus improving teamwork in the workplace.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that Konti IT UC organization has a potential market, both in the domestic and international markets, such as India, China among others. This is due to the high quality service delivery to be offered to all our customers at a reduced price. This is owing to the fact that price will be a major differentiating factor between our firm and close competitors. To ensure short and long-term sustainability, the firm will adhere to the policies and rules of good corporate governance, a factor that will significantly attract all the potential investors.


Buy custom Konti IT UC essay

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