Custom «International Business» Essay Paper

Custom «International Business» Essay Paper

The management team in every business is tasked with the challenge of coordinating process and operations within an organization and initiate successful execution of organizational goals and objectives. However regardless the nature of the business, all managers is tasked with almost similar tasks that are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Each of these tasks cannot function on its own hence the four management processes go hand in hand. In this way, an organization is able to achieve mission goals an objectives while at the same time ensure proper use of organizational resources.

Planning on its own is a component of management that mainly concentrates on the achievement of organizational goals as well as detailing out how these goals will be achieved. Much of the information that is sued in the planning process is got from the vision and mission statement of an organization. The setting up of organizational goals and detailing how these goals will be achieved are perhaps two of the most important planning components. This in a larger context means that each department within an organization always has a plan regarding the objectives to be achieved and how these objectives will be achieved.

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The organizing function is another component of management that involves the organization of human resource as well as other organizational resources in the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. This process is particularly very important given that the success of a company largely depends on how well organizational resources are utilized. This may explain why good organizational skills form a manager goes a long way in initiating organizational success and the long term achievement of goals and objectives.

The leading process is perhaps one of the most inadequately understood processes in management. This is because; there is a misconception of no difference existing between leading and managing. However, the managing process entails managing employees and ensuring that organizational tasks and policies are followed. One of the reasons why employees follow managers is simply because managers are the ones in charge of them. However, employees see leader in someone who is an example and serves as a source f motivation in the execution of organizational goals. This implies that managers in order to execute the leading function of management should understand what motivates the employees to perform better.

The controlling function of management is perhaps one of the most challenging roles for managers in the context that managers monitor the performance of the firm and ensure that organizational goals and objectives are met. The reason why the task of controlling is very challenging is as a result of the fact that the outcome of organizational goals is somehow not under the control of the organization itself but rather dependent of the market forces. This calls for the need for constant review of organizational goals and how well the organization is performing towards the achievement of the same. An effective manager is able to involve the employees who further build trust and a sense of involvement among the employees.

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In earlier years, Chrysler Corp almost went to bankruptcy after the company was adversely affected by the ups and downs of the automotive market. One of the main reasons why the company was performing so poorly was because of bad management decisions with the company having a reputation of limiting product development and capital investments in the occurrence of sales slumps. This was contrary to other key players in the automotive industry who always tried to develop new products with an aim of increasing market competitiveness.

However, the company has had remarkable changes in management process which has overseen the comeback of the company in the automotive industry as a force to reckon with. Corporate culture is one of the most influential components of the management success at the Chrysler industry and one the factors that determine market share and consumer satisfaction. Following the controversial federal bailout of Chrysler in the early 80s, the company was forced to undergo a significant downsizing which greatly affected the company’s competitiveness in the automotive industry. However, the company’s management team instituted management changes which played a considerably significant role in Chrysler’s comeback. This was inclusive of changes such as the establishments of vehicle platform teams, the adoption of a new corporate culture and organization.

It was not until the near downfall of Chrysler that the management team realized the company’s conventional and functional organization was not effective in the implementation of organizational goals. Most of the individual departments within the organization tended to operate as an independent fiefdom with each department having its own goals and objectives. This implies that whenever there was a big decision to be made; this decision had to be carried out by the president’s consent since every department had individual goals and objectives. However, the establishment of platform teams was one of the best management decisions that the company undertook. The previous situation was such that the employees were not satisfied regarding the criteria that the management team used to evaluate both individual and organizational performance. Coupled with the conflicting departmental goals and objectives, there was no way that the company would have been able to increase its market competitiveness.

The situation that existed at the time called for new measures and controls to ensure that the company survived the highly competitive automotive industry. The introduction of the platform teams acted in a manner that each platform was supposed to operate like a small company and produce a single category of vehicle. Each team was headed by a general manager and was provided with all the necessary resources to ensure the achievement of goals and objectives of the team. In other words, each platform team essentially controlled its own destiny. Essentially, the platform teams allowed the company to replace the previously conventional sequential engineering that greatly affected product development. Instead of different departments solving departmental problems individually, problems were rather solved by a team during all the stages of the product cycle form manufacturing to sales. “The platform team strategy seems to have achieved its intended effects going by the fact that the latest version of Neon compact-car model took 31 months to bring to market while the current Dakota pickup truck made it in only 29 months”

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