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India's Economic Growth

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As a result of recording economic growth for half a decade India needs to unlock its vast potential to become a soft power. They are termed as emerging power and to realize this  India needs to tap into the ancient culture, expanding economy and vibrant democratic values, spirituality, diversity and widespread Diaspora which are India’s core attributes that attract the world to them. The important aspects are the world class education, the Information Technology Industry and its philanthropic efforts such as those in Afghanistan. India can utilize its weakness and turn them into their greatest assets by shaping a new vision for the world which will be dependant on their success (Singh, 2009).

We are soon going to see the total decline of America as a result of insisting on hard power and rise of a democratic multilateral relationship between countries on the basis of Soft power. This is on the basis of the fact that countries with greatest soft power find that citizens of other nations admire and share in the values and institutions (Kurlantzick, 2005).

Soft power is great, but it’s not always enough; more of a compliment to Hard Power than an alternative. This is so because soft power does not offer solutions to all problems. There are situations where soft power is applied but it cannot be put to use in other volatile circumstances. In the future, political relations may become more powerful through Soft Power because the U.S. has lost influence due to too much hard power and influence because it has relied more on the military strength and unilateral actions. This resulted to alienation of a majority of world opinion, case in study military intervention in Iraq. This was a break of democracy and was not welcomed by many. This led to loss of popularity of America. Thus soft power has taken shape to control most of the countries approach to influence (Korski, 2010).

Around the globe we can cite evidences of soft power taking cause and influencing decisions. A study in Americas politics show the rating of their president high but the country is very unpopular. China is known to offer developing countries lucrative trade and energy deals as well as large scale infrastructure investments with no demands in return. But it has offered millions to spread the Confucian ideas. This is teaching of Chinese language and it takes place in many universities. The concept of Soft power has been taken globally by many people differently and some embrace it without knowledge that it is soft power for example the popularity of coca cola products. These are examples and evidences that soft power is a global requirement in the emerging generation and practices of the 21st century.

Soft Power can be under estimated but it surely will have more influence than hard power. Hard Power has gradually lost popularity and many world countries need to analyze the aspect of winning support through attraction and the stories they tell using their history, culture and music other than the money offered in Aid and military power the country yields. This has no significant benefit to the people than aspects of culture, food, fashion and entertainment which are the day to day interactions of communities and countries. 

Buy custom India's Economic Growth essay

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