Custom «Health Promotion» Essay Paper

Custom «Health Promotion» Essay Paper

The Government plans and policies can be vital in the reduction of ailments and chronic diseases. The development of Health Promotion programmes that are oriented to keep people well and preventing the diseases from occurring should be implemented. Primary prevention programmes (PPP). This strategy can be a milestone in helping the adults suffering from obesity and cancer. Records indicate that one out of every four adults suffers from obesity. This is a potential state of high blood pressure and heart diseases. The rates of the deaths caused by heart disease may be low but the later is a time bomb because of the high rates of obesity in the community.

The government is involved in helping adults know the best health practices. Awareness of healthy living has been introduced. To achieve this health promotion is very vital. The programme emphasizes on patient education and counselling on food types to be consumed in order to improve nutrition and physical activity to blend with all efforts (Draper et al, 1980). If the programme is successful in its implementation, it will be a way to reduce on the premature deaths and also terminal illnesses will be cut out. The adults will be free from health problems thus a healthy generation. Heart problems require a big fortune to treat and this means saving greatly on health expenditure. This programme is a preparation to the stressors which arise as a result lack of good health.

More government funding for community initiatives

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The Government has planned to fund for programs of health promotion and disease prevention which will be a buffer for the health of the community. This will be an extensive program aimed at keeping the citizens free from sickness and health problems. Flatbush can benefit from these programmes since many of its residents are working class people and youths. A programme that is fixed into a routine can help much in solving the residents health needs.

State Authorities action plans

The planning of the New York state authorities have in mind the probable dangers Flatbush may face for example fires, poor transport, poor housing, security and many more.

 These are potential cases that may lead to loss of life, injury and lack of a good health to the community are put into plan so that there maybe new infrastructure to accommodate improvements to the existing facilities. Problems such as overcrwding in housing units, lack of ambulatory services and other services oriented problems that are being faced by the hospitals in Flatbush are also put into the authority’s plan of improving the livelihood of the community. These plans are a buffer to the stressors since they are prepared to improve the conditions, and if they deteriorate before the action plan begins they can be quickly monitored and stopped (Hogg, 2001).

Community Diagnosis

On its part a lot of efforts have been seen by the department of health in collaboration with the private organizations. There are a lot of initiatives that have been started to try and help the residents of Flatbush to attain wellness and good health. There have been establishments by communities to try and overcome problems associated with health care access. The ideas vary, but they all are aimed at bringing together community partners who have come together and they have particular strategies to help improve health care access. The projects involve regular analysis and close monitoring of the cost benefits and showing where the communities will be able to benefit at low costs (Castanares, 2004).

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The problem of expensive insurance coverage is given a solution by the formation of local, nonprofit managed care plans. These are to cater for the low-income workers and uninsured residents of Flatbush. People living with chronic diseases and ailments are also considered in the low cost care plan. There are other future programs designed for the stability of the care plan. The plan brings the idea of collaboration to meet costs. The programme tries to bring together all the involved stakeholders and they try to contribute towards the cost for example the employers, employees, government and community volunteer donors all contribute to the programme (Castanares, 2004).

The problem of access has been tackled by having the volunteers trying to help the patients access the medical care centers or a place where they can be served. They also help in the enrollment of the patients’ in public programs that educate about good health practices. The ones who have difficulty in reaching the health care centers for routine medical checkup are given transport support (Castanares, 2004).

Community Interventions

The residents of Flatbush need to cooperate to improve the deteriorating health conditions of the community. They need to form organizations that offer educationn on health matters such as physical fitness, nutritional health, behavioural health and other health conditions. They must be involved the community actions and ensure it is a collective duty. If the community can change their approach to issues related to health they may be able to enjoy healthy living. They need to identify risks to health and ensure they correct it immediately. Cases such as water pollution, waste disposal, lack of security and other community caused problems can be addressed by the people when they cooperate.

 This will reduce the possibilities of being affected as a community. With the health education programmes and therapy services for released criminals and substance abuse victims that are in Flatbush, residents can help each other to monitor the health of the community. It is also important for the community to pressure the Government to ensure that the community is well protected in their environment. A good Housing plan is vital for the well being of the community. A health care system that is all inclusive in terms of Medicaid cover. The system should also have a plan for low income earners.

The community needs to have a way of ensuring the Government has a plan and it is implemented through checks and balances. They need to ensure crime is reduced and general welfare of the community is their concern. Substance abuse should be checked and victims taken to rehabilitation centres. Education programs should be inclusive in the school system. Youths should be given guidance about their adolescence stage and they should also be cautioned on irresponsible behaviour and negative behavioural health. The state correction system should be able to reform youths involved in crime and provide employment opportunities in cooperation with the private sector. 

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These steps will improve the general well being of the community if implemented by the Government. The community needs to pressurize through pressure groups and media for their health needs to be taken care of.

This community programmes have tried to improve the situation of the community of Flatbush. The challenges have partly been solved. There is still a very big problem in the communities that needs to be addressed and this needs collaboration of all stakeholders to ensure the health of the community is not compromised. The people of Flatbush need to also have a formidable cooperation in order to increase self help programmes and also push for Governments help. Good health cannot be compromised.

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