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Groupware refers to a category of software designed with a purpose of aiding groups to collectively work together through facilitating the exchange of information among the members in the group who are either located or not located in the same work environment. Even though groupware can be used in sharing of information in an entire organization for workers collaborating on the same project, the same can be extended to suppliers, clients and other users who are located outside the organization. The use of Groupware is therefore a vital mechanism which can be used in sharing information that is less structured like for instance diagrams or texts.

Technological advances in the contemporary world have greatly increased the functionality in the workplace of groupware solutions. Companies all over the world have thus continually viewed groupware as being ultimate solutions for competitive necessity. In order to achieve success in the planning and implementation of a groupware installation in any given organization, then such an organization is required to define its communication goals basing on corporate strategy and full support from all areas of management. This is because groupware is about people, whether be it in organizations, teams or whole enterprises. Groupware therefore aims at searching for better approaches which can be used in supporting work in group environments. Some key examples of groupware in an organization include among others; videoconferencing, desktop conferencing, electronic mail, meeting support systems, workflow systems among others (Holmes, 2006).

In order for groupware to become effective in any given organization, then several conditions have to be met to ensure that it becomes an effective medium of communication in an organization. Some of the components or conditions that will ensure the success of Groupware packages in any given organization include and are not limited to Calendaring and scheduling, availability of client software, reference libraries, Email, discussion debates, e.t.c. Groupware software is normally classified as either being Server or Client.

Buy custom Groupware essay

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