Custom «Fox Programming» Essay Paper

Custom «Fox Programming» Essay Paper

News and sports ought to represent the reality on the ground. News anchors and producers should aim at presenting accurate information to the public who relies on media for information. False information by media personalities may lead to inciting the public. Hatred may also occur when one party receives favours from the media personalities. Unrealistic news will also lead to high expectations by the public, which may never happen. Most people are also sensitive to sports, especially soccer. Such people will expect the media to give the realistic information without any bias. Information should not be distorted in any way.

Dramas and comedies, on the other hand, do not have to present reality because they need to be exaggerated to bring out the comic effect. They should, however, consider the society’s morals.  Movies and comedies should not be controversial like Bart Simpson. Bart portrays a rebellious nature and some conservatives and parents viewed him as a poor role model to the children. The character appears also to be a threat to learning, according to some educators. This is because the boy performs poorly in school, and he seems proud. He also has a negative attitude towards school. Such movies should be avoided, and instead educative movies and comedies should replace them (Plunkett, 2006). 

Fox channel has been quoted as broadcasting news of personal opinions rather than the reality. The news anchors fondly use the language such as “some people are saying”, instead of quoting the person who said those words. Information has also been distorted by Fox presenters. For example, an event was portrayed to have had a large audience, yet there were only a few people in attendance. Fox is different from other networks in the way it airs its programs. For instance, it does not air morning and evening news.

Fox programming

Fox channel presents its programming for up to seventeen hours per day. Most of the programmes get broadcast from, New York, headquarters. Other programs come from the Fox studio on Washington DC. Audio simulcasts get aired on Sirius Satellite Radio, and XM Satellite Radio. Fox also has a website with several web logs and columnists.fox Network stands as one of the best networks in the world, broadcasting a variety of programs; news, sports, comedies, as well as children programs.

Fox programs for nineteen and half hours per week. The network provides primetime programming of fifteen hours to its owned and affiliated stations. The prime time is 8-10 pm starting Monday to Saturday, and from 7-10 on Sundays. On Saturdays, late night programming comes between 11 pm to 12.30 am. Programming during the day consists of Fox News Sunday and Weekend Marketplace, on Saturdays. The channel airs sports news on the weekend between 12-4 and 12-8 pm, though not all weekends. Football mainly broadcasts on Sundays between 12-4 pm. Baseball, on the other hand, comes on air between 3.30- 7 pm on Saturdays.


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Fox Network, unlike the Big Three networks, does not air national news in the morning and evening. It focuses mainly on its entertainment programs. Fox airs primetime news on separate channels as Studio B and Fox Report. The network broadcasts national election coverage, presidential debates, breaking news, and state of the union address. Fox network does not cover major political convention speeches, aired at 10 pm in the other networks. However, most Fox stations take breaking news briefs. A public affairs show comes on air on Sunday mornings. Fox network provides national, as well as international news for its local affiliates’ newscasts.


Having observed the role of soccer in British Sky Broadcasting, Fox Network believed that Professional Football would make it famous quickly. Fox, therefore, made an offer to National Football League, in 1987, to be paying 13 million dollars per game but, NLF refused the offer and renewed its contract with ABC. Six years later, after the expiry of the contract, Fox offered a $1.58 bid to NFL, for four years. NFL selected the bid bringing to an end the CBS of football. Fox also received rights from the New World Communications to acquire ten of its affiliates. This helped Fox to market its other shows to the newly acquired viewers. Fox Network received over-air-broadcast to National Hockey League, NASCAR auto racing, and Major League Baseball. Fox also aired college football games between 2007 and 2010. In 2011, Fox together with mixed martial arts promoted the Ultimate Fighting Baseball.

Children’s programming

Airing of children’s programming by Fox started in 1990 with the launch of the Fox Kids Network. Many cartoons and fantasy action programs came on the air. These included Goosebumps, Bobby’s World, Power Rangers, The Tick, Indiana, and X-Men. Animated series, which included Tiny Toon Adventures and Batman, got added in 1995. However, 4Kids entertainment stopped being aired due to distribution disputes though they have now been settled (Books LLC, 2010). 

Observations of fox network

News and sports should portray the reality on the ground. Fox network broadcasts unrealistic claims on several occasions. A watchdog group on media matters said that Fox News and TV personalities have the tendency of distorting news. The network uses certain software to manipulate and edit reports from New York Times. In the Tea Party protests, in Washington DC, the network manipulated the footage suc that it appeared as if there were several protesters in the event. Fox and Friends show has also been accused of misleading viewers, by showing that Rasmussen Reports poll results added up to 120% instead of 100%.

In 2009, Fox News anchor told the viewers that Michigan had a large turn out during Sarah Palin book signing. The news showed that a former vice presidential candidate continued drawing large crowds while Sarah promoted her new book. He added that those pictures came in shortly, yet they had been shown in the morning broadcast. Later it came to people’s notice that these pictures came from McCain/ Palin campaign rally of 2008. Fox vice president later said that was a production error and that the video had not been updated. Fox apologized on air the following day calling it a “video error”. He added that the network had no intentions to mislead the general public. Fox apologizes more times than the other large networks. The network also apologized to John Kerry, in 2004, because of a certain article that appeared on their website. They argued that the article appeared on the website as a “Friday joke”.

A report written in 2006 by the project on Excellence in Journalism indicated that 68% of Fox stories did not represent the reality. They mainly contained personal opinions, and that the network was more one sided as compared to other networks. MSNBC personal opinion was 27%, and that of CNN was 4%. Fox reporters and anchors do not cite an anonymous source. Instead, they use the phrase "some people say" so that they can include their own opinions and comments. A Pew Research conducted in 2007, to get the viewers political knowledge, revealed that Fox viewers scored 35%. CNN viewers scored 41% while O'Reilly Factor viewers scored 51%. Rush Limbaugh viewers scored 50%, NPR got 51%, Major Newspapers scored 54%, and the Daily show scored 54%.

Stanford University carried a survey in the year 2010. Regarding scientific claims, about global warming, most Fox viewers rejected such claims. Another survey conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation, regarding health misperception, found that Fox News viewers score was lower as compared to other news viewers. Public misperceptions also proved to be with Fox viewers. Ohio State University carried a study on "Ground Zero Mosque" in the year 2010. The results revealed that 66% of Fox News viewers believed in incorrect rumor that those who did not rely on Fox News. Misperceptions can be noted on Fox News viewers since the network is believed to be biased. PIPA study found out that viewers of Fox News received false and misleading information regarding 2010 election. Viewers appeared misinformed on issues as compared to viewers of other networks (Liz, Jenna & Nicole, 2010).

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Some critics and observers of Fox News discovered some bias where the channel was favoring Republican Party rather than being neutral. In his documentary film, Robert Greenwald argues that Fox suffered from conservative bias. The documentary being referred to in this case is “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism”. The film uses Fox News clips, and internal memos directing on how to report. During the Health care reform in the US, a leaked memo from Fox asked the staff to use terms phrases such as “whenever possible”, “government option”, or, “government-run-health insurance”. He argued that using such terms would split the American people making them rise against the government. Another bias came in Pew research poll of 2009. The results showed that the channel was the most ideological in America. Among those interviewed, 47% agreed that Fox presented conservative news. Ranking second was MSNBC with 36%, followed by CNN with 11%.

Fox programming impact on the society

Some of the Fox network movies have portrayed imperfect image of the network.  Bart portrays his rebellious nature, and the boy does not receive punishment for his mischief. Some conservatives and parents viewed Bart as a poor role model to the children. The character appears also to be a threat to learning, according to some educators. This is because the boy performs poorly in school, and he seems proud. He also has a negative attitude towards school. Bart also appears to be mean spirited. Some people describe the character as frustrated, confused and angry, hence a poor role model to children. In fact, George Bush clearly said that his government aimed at strengthening families, and making them less of Simpsons. Some other scholars openly said that the Bart Simpsons episodes were disrespectful to the audience. Russia, Venezuela, and China have banned the airing of its episodes, and asked the media to replace it with educative programs to the children.

Fox decided not to carry scheduled events including presidential speeches, which brought a lot of criticism. It would only air its regular entertainment programmes while the other channels would bring such live speeches. The network has also been surrounded by controversy due to obscenities in Nicole Richie and Cheer. The obscene parts received criticism from both the television council and the parents. The scenes come out as the worst scenes on TV between the period of 2001 and 2004. Members of PTC do not like some Fox broadcasts and have filed several complaints to the Commission of Federal Communication. The Fox Network has been forced to apologize to the complainants (Macdonald, 2010).

The scriptwriter edited the obscene language to avoid future complaints. Many popular shows by Fox receive criticism from Parents Television Council due to its indecent content. American dad, 70’s Show, The Simpson’s, Hell’s kitchen, Arreested Development, Prison Break and Married with Children, are some of the shows that have received criticism. The council has at times gone as far as filing complaints with Federal Communications Commission. Fox Network was at one point made to pay a fine of $91,000 for indecent programming. Regarding weekly TV shows, Fox has been referred severally to as having “Worst TV Show of the Week”. Fox network has been criticized for poor ethics. At one time, Democrats provided a memo to the media. The memo, written by staffers of Republican senator, Mel Martinez brought a lot of controversy.  In the memo, he suggested ways by which democrats could gain politically. Fox News producers argued that the memo could be forged by democrats. Senator Mel Martinez later confirmed the memo making people question the ethics of Fox network.

Fox network has an impact on the society in that most people spend much of their time getting entertained. Entertainment helps people to enjoy life outside their routine work. People like watching news, watching sports, and getting entertained by comedies. Movies, especially soap operas, profoundly affect people’s lives. People tend to expect the love they see in these operas, to be shown to them by their partners. This has, indeed, broken many relationships. Movies such as action movies also influence people by making them violent. The several channels that are available to the viewers have made people lazy as they only sit down watching the programs. Some students have also been not to perform poorly in school since they do not revise when they get to their homes. They only watch their favorite TV programs.

Fox network differences to the real world

Fox network brought many differences to the real world”. For example, it acquired some stations from other networks. This means that those networks, whose stations are acquired, lose popularity. Profits of such networks also reduce notably. Another difference to the real world came when Fox Network started airing NFL, previously aired by ABC network channel. T, therefore, meant that viewers turned to Fox channel to watch soccer. Several other sports such as baseball, basketball, and champion’s league could also be watched on Fox network.

Compared to the Big Three networks, Fox has several differences. The network airs net programming for only two hours during prime time hours. On Sundays, it airs for three hours. The other three networks air for four Sundays and three weeknights at night. Its news is, therefore, broadcast at 10pm Eastern time. Its main aim for this was not to be considered a network be the FCC to avoid regulations. Despite being a prime network, Fox does not air soap operas during the day. Talk shows and game shows are also not aired during the day. They, therefore, offer more syndicated programs such as Judge Alex and Divorce Court. Do not Forget the Lyrics and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader represent the game shows broadcast during the day as syndicated programs (Kimmel, 2004).

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Unlike the other three large networks, Fox does not air morning or evening news programs given their primetime schedule. However, the network airs presidential debates, state of the union address, national elections, as well as breaking news from time to time. The range of coverage varies from one station to another and, normally, they limit it to the network’s events in primetime block. Fox network, unlike the three large networks, does not cover political speeches at 10 pm. All the same, most of the network’s stations give briefings on weekday breaking news.

Another difference to the real world is that, among all the US broadcasters, Fox Network comes out as unique in the way it distributes its network HD feed. Fox transports its network as an MPEG stream of transport. This stream is usually intended to be delivered to the viewers’ TV sets bit-for-bit. Local commercials get inserted by use of transport stream plicer. For the three large networks, the affiliates, decode compressed satellite video feed first, and then re-encode them for the final emission over-the-air. Fox is also the only network that airs its programs, in widescreen, on digital feed that is not available in HD. Such programs used to be presented between 2001 and 2006 in Fox High Resolution Widescreen. However, these programs are currently unbranded.

It should be noted that Fox network produces entertaining programs. The network has produced many soap operas targeting young audience. The soap operas includes, among others, Beverly Hills, New York Undercover, and Melrose Place. Comedies have also been broadcast be Fox network. For example, the Living Color comedy had outstanding characters, which have remained famous until today. Stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carry, Jimmy Foxx and, Damon Wayans have featured in fox network. MADtv comedy series is yet another comedy that people loved, and it remained a hit for over a decade. The Simpsons also came as a strong program, with many people liking it, despite the fact that many people criticized the movie. They argued that Bart did not act as an admirable role model to the children due to his carefree nature.

Fox network broadcasts sports in a different way from other networks. Fox Network got granted rights over-air-broadcast to National Hockey League, NASCAR auto racing, and Major League Baseball. Fox also aired college football games between 2007 and 2010. In 2011, Fox together with mixed martial arts promoted the Ultimate Fighting Baseball. This has made the network famous since a good number of people love sports. The network, therefore, has several viewers who spend time watching sports, as well as watching other programs.

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