Custom «Decisions in Paradise» Essay Paper

Custom «Decisions in Paradise» Essay Paper


It is from the beginning of the tenure of my posting I observed that the island of Kava is a quite dismal place. So, in order to make a strong foothold there our company would have to take some very important decisions. Then evaluate the resources that were in hand which would be very important for the proposed solution. After that only I would try to evaluate all the proposals according to their implications.

The factors that are affecting the decision implementations and the solutions

There are a number of factors that are directly affecting the organizations from spreading business in this island. The very first case is, the island being a natural disaster zone and along with different natural disasters different diseases like HIV/AIDS, avian flu are really common in this part of the world.

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The natural disasters are one of the foremost causes that grounds problems of communication with the first world and this is the biggest crisis faced by our company since it is basically a communicative company (Ren, 2008). To make matters worse, the island suffers from a direct threat from terrorists both from inside and outside of the island. All these factors are really preventing the growth of the company in the island.

If we look at the problems, we can find that these are seen in more or less in most of the third world countries. It is really tough to stop the natural disasters, but if the company tries to connect its hands with the government and aims to start some campaigns to stop all the diseases then it will directly reach to the lower class people. We have to keep in mind that our company is a postal company and if we reach to the lower class people, they will start believing in us and may also start using the services provided by the company. Also, we need some good transport systems and some communicational devices like fax machines and internet connections. In the beginning these steps will surely help the company going (Vaagaasar, 2009).

Evaluating Resources and all the factors

In the process of evaluating the resources we first look at the specific needs of the organization for spreading the business. In the very beginning the organization lacks in manpower. It should employ some local people to do some works for the organization; they can employ the older people in the posts of supervisors and the young ones as subordinates. This will be a very sincere step for the organization. After that the company should upgrade its technical sides.

New machines should be installed in the office that will make the work process faster (Koskinen, 2009). As the technological advancements in the island is barred due to many problems so it has to spend money to install the new technologies. This decision will ultimately help the later growth of the company. We have to keep in mind all the negative aspects of the place before deciding on any aspect and only then we can clearly see our options (Vaagaasar, 2009).

The organization has to directly help the Government and also the military. So, it will get some help back from the Government to reorganize its processes. On the other hand our organization supports several other organizations, which are either faith based groups or community based organizations and it can be believed that these will also help our organization to gather resources. This will obviously help our company to continue in the business. Gathering resources before starting the business of the organization is one of the very important aspects of the process. Actually this will help us to decide both the long term and the short term goals for the company and we also can decide what will be the strategies that we need to work on (Ren, 2008).

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The Implications from shareholder’s perspective

In the context of the company, the perspective of the shareholders gets really an important angle. The shareholders want the company to earn as much as it can so their share of wealth will increase. It is really a tough decision for a company to decide whether they should do business on Kava Island or not. Actually the island is an unlikely place to do business. The island has its own difficulties, as well as many problems like weather, diseases and frequent terrorist activities.

It might happen thhat the share-holders will oppose the idea of doing business in the island as they will be afraid that the organization will be out of business from the place in a short time. This can be really bad for a company because in places like Kava one needs to invest a lot of wealth to start a business and if the business winds up pre-maturely then the company will face a heavy financial loss and this will not please the shareholders (Vaagaasar, 2009).

But on the other hand there are some very important points in the aspect. Firstly, in the island our company is the first of its kind and as we have decided to employ local people and assemble new technologies, it will surely attract the customers. More over the company has good relations with the Government, the military and some very important ethnic and non-ethnic organizations.

They will surely help the company in doing and carrying with the business. Generally it is seen that in a third world country if a company gets hold of the market, it stays in the business. More over it can also expand its market in different countries which share a good relation with it. So, I strongly believe that our company, if it can stay in the Kava Island for sometimes, can grow in business and it also can expand its business to some other countries. This will be more helpful to the company and it will surely earn more and more financial gains, which will be directly proportional with the financial gains of the shareholders too (Koskinen, 2009).

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Setting up business in Kava is a really tough task. In this case, we have to carefully examine all the resources we have in our hand and also have to go further to gather all the resources. Though the conditions of the island are not quite friendly for establishing an international business but still with the co-operation of the Government and the military we can take the risk. Moreover by providing employment to the local people we are also attracting the population towards our business (Vaagaasar, 2009).  In the future, if our strategies become successful, then we should try to implement some other business ideas in the case, but for now we will have to concentrate on building the basic foundation of the business.

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