Custom «Corporate Social Responsibility» Essay Paper

Custom «Corporate Social Responsibility» Essay Paper


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a form of policy where a business organization employs a self regulating mechanism that will provide the business with appropriate information. These policies ensure that the company complies with the set laws, ethical and international standards of there business activities (Grace, 2005). The main objective of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to encourage the company’s actions and also support a constructive impact through its activities with the aim of conserving the environment and also maintaining a good relationship between the company and its employees, customers, shareholders, community and all the other members of the public (Garriga & Melé 2008)..

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a way in which the organizations incorporates the views and interests of the public in the decision making process of the organization as a strategy used by an organization to maintain the close relationship with the public (Ismail, 2009). It also encourages public interests into the organization by eliminating practices that will harm the great coexistence between the community and the organization; while promoting the growth and development of the community and customers of the organization. It should be noted that this is also a strategy that is being used by the organization to generate extra financial gains and also increase its customers outreach (Lantos, 1998). Incase the organization doesn’t record any increase in the sales and customer improvement the organization has no reasons of continuing with its activities as it is a waste of time and resources. Therefore it has to stop undertaking the Corporate Social responsibly role and thus indulge in other activities that will increase its sales and productivity (Smith et al, 2006). 

1. Marks and Spencer is a leading British retailer company that specializes in the selling of clothing and extravagant food products. The store headquarters is located in the city of Westminster, London with more that 700 stores in England and more than 300 more stores spread allover the world (Murray, 2009). 

The company had introduced a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy commonly known as "Plan A" (Marks & Spencer Inc, 2010). The plan was launched as an initiative by Marks and Spencer M&S January 2007; and will last for the next 5 years. It was intended to be used by the organization to ensure that it would be in a position of providing its customers with efficient environmental and ethical operations that will benefit the customers well being in the society (Garriga & Melé 2008). Some of these measures that the company employed included the uses of Fair-trade products, use of environment friendly dyes on its clothes and sustainable fishing (Murray, 2009). As these aspects were seen as some important ways in which the organization can be able to conducts it business fairly and at the same time improve the relationshp that exists between the organization and its customers.

The “plan A” that was initiated with the organization back in the year 1997 had vowed to undertake more than 100 commitments that were seen as the key factors that were seen as the greater challenges. These challenges were both in the organization and the entire universe some of these challenges they included the health, fair-trade (Partnership), climate change, waste products, and raw materials sustainability. With all these plans the companies was aiming at tackling these challenges and at the same time improve the livelihood of the communities in the world and at the same time benefiting from the social welfare of the customers and the community that is around the organization (Grace, 2005).           

The company will be in a position of making it as one of the major retailer store in the world by 2012; this is because it has been able to achieve and fulfill the key possible strategies that will be more responsive in ensuring that the organization relationship with its customers is improved. Thus the plane will ensure that the customers, employees and the surrounding community is in a position of becoming one of the most successful retail store organization in the world (Marks & Spencer Inc, 2010).

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The first target that is set by the organization is to ensure that the organization is environmental friendly; this is by Becoming a carbon neutral organization. This is seen as the most pressing issue in the world today and this will add some credits on the organization as this will be seen as a good initiative used by the organization in conserving the world today. This is by reducing the rates of carbon gas emissions into the atmosphere; thus making it the friendliest organization as it is concerned with the environment of where it conducts its activities (Lantos, 1998).

The organization will also be the most sorted after Retail Store Company this is when the organization implements its Corporate Social Responsibility that will help improve the lives of the people in the supply chain (Visser, et al 2008). This is well categorized when the organization will tend to strengthen the relationship that exists between the organization and its competitors. This is when the organization will negotiate with its competitors and thus come to a point of selling its products at a slight lower price that will be of great benefit for the customers of the retail store. With the implementation of this will definitely result to an increase in customers who will be purchasing their products from the stores; this is as a result of the store selling its products at reasonable and affordable prices (Smith et al, 2006).               

2. The 2010 Mark and Spencer’s CSR report that was released by the organization ensured that the organization was in a position of achieving its 100 commitments that are supposed to be of greateer benefit the customers, employees, suppliers and the environment in general (Pitts, et al. 2009). This will subsequently make it easy for the organization to be able to supply and be of great benefit to the organization that is more beneficial to both the organization and the community around the organization.

Plan A also known as the “How we Do business” ensured that the company was in a position of succeeding in the retail industry by ensuring that its 5 main objectives of the Plan A are successfully completed without interfering with the ways in which the organization performs its activities (Marks & Spencer Inc, 2010).

The organizations  main way or Corporate Social Responsibility was aimed at ensuring that the organization fulfill the social, environmental and ethical performances  this will efficiently ensure that the organization is in the point of facilitating the recommended  plan  that will oversee the success of the organization Plan A.

It is noted that all these recommended commitments that were established and initiated in 1997 with the aims of ensuring that the customers, employees and the other stakeholders are incorporated in the decision making of the organization (Visser, et al 2008).  

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In matters that pertain to the environment conservation the company has bee able to monitor its contributions in the emission of carbon in the atmosphere. This eventually made it easy for the organization to reduce and regulate the rates in which the environment is destroyed. This reduced the rate of emission of carbon into the organization by 8% (Marks & Spencer Inc, 2010). The organization has also managed to reduce the rate of waste matters it disposes to the world by approximately 33% of the previously recorded cases. This has been as a result of sensitization that has been constantly been conducted by the organization on the importance of the waste disposal management (Ismail, 2009).

In social welfare the organization has achieved in the improvement of the lives of the people who are less privileged in the society; this is from the initiative that the organization had implemented of buying green palm certificates. These would be used by the organization to raise money by employees and the customers in order to ensure the organization funds all projects. Such projects were directed and stated in the third world nations as a way of raising the social status of the of the people living in these critical situations.

The organization has also achieved in its health plan; this is in both the employees and the customers. This is by introducing them into healthy eating habits that will help reduce the cases of obesity and heart failure conditions (Marks & Spencer Inc, 2010). Thus the organization stated the selling of cakes and bread that contains marginally reduced calories; in view of the fact that they will pose no health risks on the people eating them and this is when its sells these products to the entire store it has worldwide.

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