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Competitiveness and Strategies of the Cruise Industry

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The cruise industry has its origins in the United States of America and the industry is widely believed to have started in1900. One of the most famous cruise ships is the Titanic. Since 1980, the industry has grown to provide its clients with more than just basic services (Mancini 2010). Today, land based resorts are among the numerous facilities that the cruise ship industry provides to its clients.

            The cruise ship business has very little competition due to the prohibitive costs of entering into the business, maintaining the ships, and the economies of scale. However, the industry is constantly facing competition from other players that provide leisure and vacation services, which are land based such as sightseeing, mountain climbing, and thematic parks among others. Players in the cruise ship industry have previously invested and receive revenue from its cruise ship passengers. In recent times however, most of them have expanded their operations to include land based resort vacations to increase their customer base and consequently, boosting their revenues. Here they face stiff competition, as there are several businesses or organizations specializing in the resort vacation businesses. These are able to provide a wide variety of services for clients from all economic backgrounds, tastes and preferences.

            The resort vacation experience that was offered by most cruise ships in the 1990’s has turned out to be quite profitable. The cruise ship companies aggressively market these resort vacations, which consist of excursions and sightseeing among others (Mancini 2010). The companies, unlike other resort vacation operators, have more purchasing and bargaining power and this has forced other industry players to resort to enter into mergers with the cruise ships resort vacations enterprise. The companies’ resort vacations have ‘private islands’ and specialized shopping centers on these islands which are exclusive to their clients only whereby their clients do not have to experience the overcrowding and possible crimes that are associated with other players 

Buy custom Competitiveness and Strategies of the Cruise Industry essay

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