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Businesses in Vermont State

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VermontState provides a favorable environment for operating businesses because of a typical tax and legal structure. Since there is no county government in this state, cities and towns assume the administrative responsibilities, such as property tax collection and assessment. An example of a business activity in Vermont includes the selling of Teddy Bear and Ice Creams. Individuals sign valid contracts in order to supply Teddy Bear and Ice Creams to various institutions. However, some instances of evils, such as money laundering and felony, though not common, affect various businesses in Vermont.

Some managers often engage in evil activities such as money laundering, which hinder the development of an organization or company due to insufficient money. Money laundering involves concealing the source of the money that an individual has obtained through illegal means. Such individuals lack business ethics, which are the moral values and principles that people apply to social behavior in business contexts. Some managers lack even the moral minimum, which is the minimum extent of ethical behavior that a manager should possess in an organization. Organizations may report such managers to the criminal justice in order to get the money back. However, because of privilege, judges do not question the defense that the accused managers provide (Miller & Jentz, 2011). Such managers consider the accusations as a slander.

Many businesspersons in Vermont experience felony either at their businesses stalls or far from their business centers. When the businesspersons undergo assault, they become fearful and surrender their valuable properties to the attackers. Felony may include battery, which involves a serious physical harm to a businessperson (Miller & Jentz, 2011). It is necessary for Criminal Justice System to catch the felony suspects red handed and punish them thoroughly in order to avoid subsequent crimes. Some felony suspects claim that the accusations are mere defamation, which is an actionable offence, when there is no evidence against their actions. Other felony suspects may confess under duress when the victims threaten them. In most cases, the promisor attacks the promisee. In this case, the promisor is the client who has taken goods on credit and promises to pay back later, and the promisee is the businessperson. 

Buy custom Businesses in Vermont State essay

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