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Business Plan of Atrium Gallery

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Atrium Gallery will upon its operations commencement sell a wide variety of luxurious and fancy dresses. This will provide the Russian women with dresses which are capable of suiting any occasion of choice. This business plan is to open a women’s boutique shop which is supposed to deal with dresses for women who are above the age of 18 years. The boutique will be in rented premises in a shopping mall in a retail strip mall at 6253 Petrovka Street in Moscow city. The floor area of the business premise consists of 1,600 square feet and the shop will be in a very convenient location in the center of the Moscow city where the premises will be surrounded by restaurants, hotels, and several banks which shows that the business will be located where the customers are - in a very busy street. What will make us very unique and different from our close competitors is that our business will be very much committed to providing all the luxurious dresses for women who prefer fancy dresses of high quality, and they will be available for them in a location which is very convenient. The location of the business is in a very high profile area which is easily accessible from all the parts of Russia.

In our business, there will be a total of 7 employees: director, legal front, accounting, marketing department, sales department, sales consultant (4 people) whose age is 20-45. Source of funding will be personal capital. The Atrium gallery will serve all the people from high income levels, middle, and low income levels, provided they are women who are above the age of 18 years and there is no upper limit. It is very expected that a majority of the customers of our business will be high class women with a high income, because all of the dresses that we will be making are be mainly for luxury, meaning that our most target customers will be high income women, since the fabrics we use for the dresses will be very unique and expensive for low income women, but of a very high quality and also very attractive and sophisticated.

Buy custom Business Plan of Atrium Gallery essay

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