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Business of India

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The domestic finance, food and foreign trade appear to be shifting gears in manner of operation. It now operates in unorthodox style underscoring the India’s endeavors to come up with a sustained process of growth of economy. The theme has been studied by various economic experts and it appears nearly solved. The foreign exchange catastrophe that occurred recently is a perfect example of this menace Ruba (2011).

In the last two years, India’s export as been operating at 40 and 50 %. This is a record higher than the previous years basing on India’s five year economic plan.  The earnings from exports have too have stagnated. This is an indication of decline from the 1958 half. As at now, it has not gained above two thirds of imports. This contrast the 90% achieved in the 1950s and 1956. This export trade obstinacy is degrading when compared with the effort India is investing in promoting exports (

It is important to note that repayment burden of interest and capital on foreign loan now amounts to 2% less than earnings from exports which were expected to rise in the 1960s close to fourth of current exports Schaffer (2011). It is as a result of this that India is reviewing its’ performance on export over previous years and forecasting on future prospects of export.

India’s export constitutes 1.5% of worlds export after World War II. India’s economy is negligible when compared to other large countries of the world, though it is a crucial domestic part of activities of economy Schaffer (2011).  The cumulative value of India’s export does not exceed 6-7% of its national income. However, this plays an important role in India’s economy. They offer means for which the country can finance the most pressing needs of imports. 

Buy custom Business of India essay

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