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Dear Mr. XXX XXX,

I hope you remember me quite well as we met at a trade show couple of weeks back. As the Executive Vice President of Sales at Hot Attacks I would like to have a meeting with you regarding presentation of my product which is a spray used to fireproof data storage drives and protect them from melting in high temperatures.

As you know firefighting is no more a luxury but a necessity as per legal bindings and providing the best is a responsibility of any establishment. It is more applicable for an esteemed establishment like yours. As you know already that Hot Attacks is know for its firefighting equipments and these products would be highly beneficial for you. This is a predominantly state-of-the-art product and would be of immense help to your company.

It is a known fact that Titan currently uses Meedy-A-Creedy but it should be noted that it is of inferior quality even though it is less expensive. However, you know very well that quality matters the most in these context and our product it much better in quality and it ensures complete fireproof data storage drives as it melts in very high temperature.

Thus, it is a logical choice to accept Hot Attacks as your sole agent of supplier of fireproof data storage drives. For the purpose it is necessary to have a face to face meeting so that we can negotiate our terms and conditions and proceed with installations of products on a long term basis. I am eagerly waiting forward to meet you at you convenience on a date as early as possible. 



Buy custom Business Letter essay

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