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Business Ethics

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One of the principles of Caltex was that they needed to expand their business globally. They wanted to penetrate in the African market. In this case, they had to make a business deal with government of South Africa. In order to conduct this business deal they had to follow the South African law and use the correct method. The principles for the South African government were that Caltex should provide them with one thousand dollars and jobs for the South African citizens. The two parties struck a deal and the Caltex is among the leading companies globally and in the African market.

I tend to believe that the best principles for this case are the Caltex Company following the South African law. Additionally, I think the South African principle for the job opportunities for its people is the best. This is because the South African country needs the economy of the country. Additionally, the Caltex Company did the most ethical thing to follow the normal protocol followed by other foreign companies that wanted to invest in South Africa. This shows that both parties have corporate social responsibility. 

In the world of marketing, companies employ different strategies in order to gain the competitive advantage. It is even more distinct for companies that do produce the same product. For example, in the case, food companies have distinct marketing strategies as compared to those of drug companies. The food companies use advertisements and pamphlets as their marketing strategies but the drug companies only use advertisements. For instance, when Formula Company tried to use panaflex their sales went down and the company was under a lot of criticism. This means that drug companies only use advertisements as there marketing strategies as compared to the food companies.

Price fixing is one of the marketing strategies where companies set prices for their products (Velasquez, 2006). In the case of telecommunication companies, they set prices on their products in order to attract their customers. There are ethical implications in the prices fixing of the different prices. For instance, when the companies set high prices for their products they may harm the society because they are over charging them. In this case, the company may be seen as if they are exploiting the society by overcharging them thus it is unethical. On the other hand, when the companies set law prices for their products they may harm themselves because they might not make any profits thus running at a loss. It is important for the companies to consider the society and at the same time consider themselves so that they cannot harm themselves. In the case of Clarence Burk, his marketing strategies were ethical because he was considering the society and at the same time considering the company.

Unlimited goods simply mean that the goods are readily available or there are in abundance. Carrying capacity is the total amount of goods in the marketing. For instance, air is referred to as unlimited goods by the companies because air has a huge carrying capacity. Air pollution is common with companies because they fail to consider the society. Unlimited goods and carrying capacity are closely related to pollution control in the sense that when the unlimited goods like air are mismanaged they deteriorate slowly causing pollution. Therefore, in order for companies to have ethics they must consider the society by protecting the environment thus creating a relationship between unlimited goods and carrying capacity (Velasquez, 2006).

Buy custom Business Ethics essay

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