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Business and Information Communication Technologies

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In the face of advancing development in almost every activity in the world, individuals and organizations are forced to rethink their strategies including business and economic strategies. Information is considered an important component for the success of any business in the economy (Porter, 2001). The changes in the business and economic environment posed by the concept of globalization have however presented a challenge on the techniques applied with respect to various activities by firms and individuals around the globe.

In response to the changes in the economic and business conditions brought about by globalization and advancements in the information and communication techniques (Hay, 2010), majority of the businesses have resorted to utilizing the strategies that keep them at a pace with technological advancements (McAfees & Brynjolfsson, 2009).   . Though the entire concept of information communication technology is a wide term, it is used by the businesses to boost the different operations in many ways (Porter & Millar, 1985). Some of the ways information communication aid in the operations of the business is through e- commerce or e-marketing. The different technologically related models of the businesses include among others Information Management Systems, Decision Support Systems, Public Transport Management information systems, Executive Support systems, Transaction support systems and many others.

In order to understand how information technology is playing a great role in the operations of the business around the world however, it is important to understand that the concept of information communication technology is divided into three broader categories. These categories are namely: information technology which encompasses the computers and other computerized systems, the second category is the communication technology which encompasses mobile and other communication devises technology and lastly there is the internet technology which encompasses among others website applications and operations.  

Marketing as the greatest component contributing to the success of the businesses utilizes the three categories of information communication technologies in various ways the marketing techniques which are employed in various firms include advertising. Advertising of the products or services of a business has the effect of increasing the customer base of the business by informing and acquiring new customers while at the same time advancing the strategy of the customer base management by enhancing loyalty and confidence in the prevailing customers to an organization.

Communication technology which is a component of ICT comes into play in the advertising operations by way of ensuring the accuracy (Telvinen, 1994), reliability and the speed of the information passed. This is made possible through the efficient techniques like the use of social networking sites to access more potential and current customers a concept referred to as mass marketing technique. Specific customer targeting however is also possible through communications via mobile phones which is a category in ICT. The research which includes market research is possible through the internet and networking technologies Technology has lead to the modification of the strategic decision by various firms. It has increased competition by creating more awareness in the public and to potential customers.

The study of the role of marketing aided by ICT in the operations in the operations of a business can also be looked at from an efficiency point of view. Marketing departments in organizations have complicated activities that can only be efficiently undertaken by ICT. The ICT has devised various management models that assist the management of activities in marketing. Some of the models can be replicated in other areas of the business. Examples of the models include the MIS, TPS, DAS, KWS, MIS, DSS, ESS, CSCWS, GDSS and ESS (Asemi & Zaverah, 2011). Majority of these models have guaranteed large volumes of data that can be handled at any given time (, the organized manner in which they carryout activities and the reliability of the output that results from such operations carried out by the models.

The sales and procurement department have been favored by the ICT where they are able to deliver quality services to the customers, be able to analyze the records efficiently including arriving at the suitable product mix that cab used to access specific target groups as markets of potential markets. Online marketing in particular has simplified the processes of creating awareness to the public and the time used doing so. It is now possible to carry out market research on various places around the world and design a suitable approach to the market at the comfort of the office desk. This is made possible by the availability of data on population dynamics and characteristics on the internet. The online advertising which covers the world wide spectrum creates and leads to the convergence of presences around the world hence increasing the potential market.

The availability and use of the internet has however posed significant challenges to the operations of businesses (McAfee, 2010). The possibility of creating unfair competition through dangerous rumors, abuse of privacy policy, ethical standards and legal obligations are some of the problems encountered while trying to utilize ICT in the business marketing efforts.

In conclusion, the globalization brought about by advancements in information communication technologies has modified the nature of business operations especially in relation to marketing. The benefits have been growth in efficiency with respect to out put and service delivery, this is though there are considerable challenges in ICT too (Carr, 2004).

Buy custom Business and Information Communication Technologies essay

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