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Bank Project

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In order for a bank to achieve its online operations, it has to have the right employees. These employees will help to successfully create a database and to implement the bank’s strategies in organizing, maintaining and developing the existing websites. Some of the key personnel in building an online database for a financial institution are, for example, a project manager, business analyst, designer, developer, tester and infrastructure support.

According to Russell, (2011) the role of a project manager in building an online database for a bank is implementing the functionality associated with building the online database. He/she prioritizes and aligns the concept of building the bank’s online database with the bank’s strategies.

In the concept of building an online database for a bank, a business analyst will be responsible for bridging technical stakeholders and business stakeholders of the bank. In addition, he/ she structures and formalizes the requirements for the bank project. Moreover, he/she enhances the creation of SAS reporting programs for marketing campaigns and maintenance of mainframe performance reports (Paul 2006).

The designer of the online database controls the appearance of the database. This is by website coding and markup languages or the various soft wares for designing the database (Robbins, 2006). This is also by enabling the multi browser help and accessibility help to meet specific needs. He or she prevents copyright and privacy problems.

The developer converts information on paper into an electronic format. He/she supports existing infrastructure and develops new ones as instructed by the bank command to enable rapid and real time information sharing (Lazar, 2001). The tester thoroughly tests the database after it has been built to ensure that it is safe, obtainable and useful. This is achieved by putting in place measures that are willing to cope with a large traffic of users (Hope & Walther, 2008).

Jacobsen (2004) asserts that infrastructure support monitors critical applications. This is by identifying a database problem, if any, and resolving it to ensure prevention of future, related problems. They watch memory utilization of the database and complex issues (Anderson, 1999).

The people who are affected by the negative or positive outcomes of this bank project in either a positive or negative approach include the county manager, the clients of the bank and the shareholders. The county manager is a stakeholder because the database quickly and indirectly affects the operations of the county department he or she is managing.  The database helps in expanding the customer base and in building loyalty by customizing customer needs (Ian, 2010).

It enables remote accessibility of personal accounts by the clients. This makes it easier for clients to track payments, pay bills and to see history of payments into their accounts. To the shareholders they can closely follow the trading of the bank in the stock exchange market.

Buy custom Bank Project essay

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