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The advertisement is selling a brand new luxurious lifestyle which shows a an Audi A8 car where the advertisement itself begins by showing us why we should have a reason to say goodnight to everything that we might have seen and termed as luxurious and also showing us that there is more luxury to what we termed as luxury since it has become old and out dated which showed why in the advertisement the voice is seen to say goodnight to everything in life.  This Audi commercial goodnight is a brand new 60 second TV advertisement which has been billed so as to be able to prelude to the Super Bowl ad which is up coming and the advertisement campaign is aimed at redefining new luxury. Its inspiration came from the book “Goodnight Moon” which was a children’s book which was initially written in 1947 by Margaret Brown who by then, the book was considered to be one of the most and best-selling book of children since it was very entertaining to the children (Foster, 2011).

This advertisement “goodnight” is intended to mirror the story of the Goodnight moon and it takes all its viewers on a journey which is animated, through a mansion which is of a traditional style which is laden with stuffy luxury which is considered to be old and out dated. So this advertisement says goodnight to everything which is considered to be old luxury which is defined by the excesses and the gluttony, and all the features which are found in the Audi A8 sedan flagship of the 2011 which is the company’s most technologically advanced vehicle that the company has been known to have produced in its new luxury Audi lineup. The good morning in the advertisement symbolizes the embrace of the new technology and new luxury as the Sedan A8 features are shown in the advert (Foster, 2011).

The advertisement made me feel confident in myself. At first, I was somehow confused because after I watched the advertisement for the first time, my first reaction was to put on a very big smile on my face. The advertisement is very well planned since it began with a very good mansion although in the original advertisement it was considered to be out dated and part of old luxury which we are supposed to say goodnight to. With time, I came to find out that there I have a reason to say goodnight to all the past and say good morning to new things and embrace the advancing technology of today. I think it is a very funny way to say goodnight.

This advertisement can affect our behaviors and the way we feel about our communities because it can make us to hate the things we have currently and possess which make us to have very high aspirations because the main aim of Audi advertisement is to persuade people to buy the new luxurious car. In this case, the advertising is appealing enough to make people to want to purchase the car and embrace the new technology which can make a majority of the people to want to advance in the community. The main problem is that people may abandon all the good feelings that they had about their community in the name of them being out dated and old fashioned and try to adapt the new advanced technology which not everyone can be able to afford especially the young generation who is out to adventure all the new technologies which are coming up.

The advertisement will influence our buying patterns because after one sees the advertisement which is very appealing and eye catching, one would be much exited to try out the new model of vehicle which is being advertised. The luxury of today and the consumers of today only exist in a world where there is no tradition but increasing entrepreneurial accomplishments where it can influence us as consumers to seek out the new and the luxury which is more evolved so that we can be able to stand out from the crowds.

This advertisement about the Audi car can greatly affect our environment because the driving of a car by a citizen is one of the most polluting act that a citizen can commit especially air pollution. Vehicles are considered to produce environmental effects which are as a result of the vehicle itself or the infrastructure of the transport system. the Audi advertisement is very appealing to the public and it means that the total sales of the car would be very high which shows that there would be congestion which would further lead to the dangerous emissions in to the air from these vehicles which is a form of air pollution in the form of toxic gasses being released into the air like carbon monoxide, benzene, particulate matter, and nitrogen Dioxide. These emissions often affect the health of people and the carbon dioxide which is produced is a form of greenhouse gas emission.

The heavy metals and the petroleum products which are from these vehicles can contaminate the storm water which can cause harm to all the creatures which live in the water like fish and the land. The expansion or roads due to the increment of the number of people using vehicles has been on the increase making up about 30%-35% of the total land in a majority of the cities which consume the natural habitats and can cause biodiversity losses. The noise and vibrations which is produced by vehicles can affect all the people who live very near to the busy roads and can cause interference with daily activities of people like sleeping.

This advertisement plays very much into the problem of the consequences of the social sprawl in Conveyers, GA especially the urban sprawling where this advertisement can bring a lot of environmental side effects which are considered to be very toxic because of the auto mobile use which is considered to pollute the environment. The rise of technology has brought up a lot of problems to its end users who are the people and the rise in the technology has led to very many people to want and desire to live a luxurious life which has made the number of people who have embraced the new technologies to increase in numbers and as a result, it has led to poor urban planning and also decision making. The roads in the urban areas become too overcrowded because everyone uses a car and the rural areas remain to be very backward since the people move from the rural areas to the urban areas in quest for this new technology.

This advertisement leads to an increase in the number of Audi S8 car sales for the company and in turn leads to poor infrastructures and chocking transportation systems and most especially in the urban sprawl. This is because there is no way one can live a luxurious life in the rural area, so people have to move to the cities where they can get all the luxury that they may need and it means buying more cars which increases the congestion in the traffic which means that the transport system could be slowed because of the many increasing cars on the road. This sprawl means that it would have very heavy impacts of the people’s lives.

Buy custom Audi A8 essay

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