Custom «ASDA» Essay Paper

Custom «ASDA» Essay Paper

ASDA is an online company providing goods to many countries across the world through internet. Many companies have advanced, and they provide their business online. This has assisted in saving things like space, time, labor and improvement of customer relationship among others. When few companies had stated e-business there was less competition but due to advancement in technology many companies have stated selling and buying online, and this has increased competition.


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ASDA has been selling products of different range to different customers across the world. It has laid down strategies to operate, and this has enabled it to move faster in the market. It has employed marketing tactics which enables it to get more users of their products. It has been using customers to promote the products to other people online. It has also improved the operation by advertising to social Medias like Facebook, tweeter and goggle among others. The company has expanded the market by letting customers promote the products at a commission.

The company has a wide range of market and many customers across the world buy the products. It has been offering discount to returning customers, and this has made the company to have is own customers who gets discount upon buying. The company has laid down core strategies which governs operation. It sells the product at lower price than other providers of the same product. The products sold by the company include electronic, housing, ooks, clothing and entertainment among others. The company provides products of all prices and qualities, and this means that it serves different class of people.

The company has a website which contains all the information about the company and the product which it sells. It has different modes of payment which include credit card and Electronic money transfer among others. The contact information is displayed at the web so those who want to make enquiries contact the customer representatives directly.

The company has provided entertainment products and this make it to capture people of different social class. Other people use their cultural made items like dress and this limits the market. The company is registered according to regulations and it pays some taxes which makes it to work under pressure form the government. Political crises reduces the performance of the company in sales due to insecurity and also change in technology makes same of the product outdated and they sell them at a throw away price.

The sales of product and availability of capital for the business is one of the strength. Some buyers are fraudsters and they defraud the company hence making it go under loss and this is a weakness. The company provides the products to large organization and this is an opportunity of promoting and creating market for the products. The company provides internet business and when the net is low or unavailable in some places then the business goes down. The website may also undergo some pproblems and this affects the whole business and this is a form of threat to business. The companies provide online services and all the customers’ shops at the website and provide their payment through plastic cards and wait for shipment of their products. The suppliers also provide their products online (Thomas 2004).

This company applies best strategies and it operates professionally in provision of service. The strategies should focus on fraud because most of schemers work online and their target is any company without standing policies regarding fraud. This company suffers loss due to theft of products from the stores and also fraud. Security maters should be strengthened in the company. The company has many affiliates and should be focused on having affiliates who have experience in e-business. Some of the affiliates do not provide promotion of their product, but they sell their own products and expand their own business secretly. Given the opportunity I would strategize the company to have offices in each county it sells product. The representatives will monitor the sales and make shipping easy (Thomas 2004).

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E business has made marketing easy and assists customers to acquire products without much struggle. Many companies have introduced e business department.  Marketing is the key for improving sales of each company because competition always exists. ASDA should improve and provide strong marketing strategies like face to face approach and advertisement.

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