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APA Auto Pilot for Cars

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There has been a rise in the number of accidents being witnessed in our community. From Motorists of all kinds to Pedestrians and other road users, losses after losses have been experienced. Due to this issue our class group came up with a number of ideas to address the issue. After a healthy debate and Critical appreciation of each others’ opinion we unanimously adopted my idea of making an APA auto Pilot for Cars.

Statement of work

APA auto pilot will control the car once it reaches to the highway. It has a variety of variables that manages different traits of a car in motion. The target customers are all motorists from PSV drivers, Personal cars and Motor bike operators. With exception of mild concerns from some members-which was healthy to our project and team work success-, we all agreed to make the device and moved to the next step.

Me, Rochelle and Don worked on Fax sheet and logo and email and again my teammates decided to choose my idea about the logo and we chose Rochelle’s idea about the email. I didn’t record a voicemail due to my accent but I wrote a voicemail greeting which all of my teammates liked but no one else wrote a greeting and none of them record voicemail either. We all worked diligently on making email and letterhead. I found an article about Volkswagen and then all three of us created their own business cards but I was the one to post it (article).

I built the website and gave the password to my teammates. Rochelle made some corrections on it but Don didn’t help much. All three of us made our own lists on SWOT and everyone made good effort in this step. I was able to post my resume and cover letter in our team’s tread but no one else in the team did. As a team were able to create a PowerPoint presentation for our potential investors. Though we had plans to create a promotional video it didn’t materialize. We were also not able to create a strategic plan and agenda since Don sabotaged my efforts. I posted my number requesting for a meeting but we were only able to meet with Rochelle in the library. Don is yet to respond. I created a brochure.


All the steps were easy to do and fun too, but the difficult part was having consensus and meeting as a team. Given a chance to change, I’d prefer a physical class not online. Building the website was the favourite part for me. I gained useful tips on communication skills which include good listening skills, confidence while speaking/chatting, self control, and patience and communication etiquette. The project was not in futility as I believe I am in a better position to conduct an identical business in future.

Buy custom APA Auto Pilot for Cars essay

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