Custom «Annual Meeting in China» Essay Paper

Custom «Annual Meeting in China» Essay Paper

The SAT results, the proposed extension of the unemployment pay week and the direction China speaks to taking with American industry will affect the integration of personal, community and global dimensions. The ultimate goal likely to be attained by all these is creating an economic platform for growth. These factors work together in providing a universal platform of planning for the future. The extension of the unemployment pay week and the direction of China concerning American industry will together build a right foundation for the youth.

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Personal, communal and global integration is a major boost that willbe experienced with the implementation of these elements. The potential of the youth in leadership will only be developed through the proper implementation of the said proposals. They will work on well for the well being of the society at large.

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The corporate financial future on the other hand stands a chance to boost businesses, the civil society and governments to improve the world status.  It will go further in assisting all stakeholders to address the main financial challenges in the corporate world. These include: mitigating risks, ensuring sustainable growth, enhancing social wellbeing, health promotion and promoting sustainabilitty of the environment.

The above proposals have personal implications. I am confident that this will expand my thinking and the level of participation in the corporate world. It will thus provide an entrepreneurship arena as my skills will be mentored and developed.

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This is a multi-stake engagement to development involving business, civil society and government mentors. Leadership is a key factor in any development facet. Young leaders will thus have a platform where their potential can be fully exploited. Working together will widen the scope of investment and therefore multiply production for all.

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