Custom «Ameribus International» Essay Paper

Custom «Ameribus International» Essay Paper

This is paper which gives specific answers to a set of four questions which are mainly touching on the business organizations depending on each other and how such dependence is implemented through joint activities or alliances. The first question touch a multinational company Ameribus and the question seeks to clarify which strategy can be used in countering the stiff competition from similar competing companies. The other four questions touch on the other companies with similar objective of enlarging the market that they sell their goods in.

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In the case of Ameribus International it is clear that there is an urgent need for the company to change its marketing tactics in order to be relevant and command some presence in the market among its rivals who seem to be taking two steps at a time ahead of the company. When a company is in such a position, the leaders ought to make a very carefully analysis of both the market and the rival companies. The strategy that Ameribus will take will depend more on which steps the rival companies have taken and also the market situation. It should be noted that in our case the leadership of Ameribus will play a great role in navigating the company on a path to commanding a good market presence.

Given the two options of either transforming into a global or a transnational organization, the role of leadership will play a great part in determining the strategy which Ameribus takes.  The leaders’ role in the short term future is impacted by the present information revolution. This affects the process of leadership by speeding up the inputs, requiring faster and more personal transformation of the product, all in a business climate that builds competition through “response time” to customer demands.  This section is going to look at what should be done for Ameribus to become a global organization. Arguing from the point that already there are other companies in the market which can be said to firm on their market shar then Ameribus will need to adopt the GEMS {(Global Economic Management System) – check the chart at the appendices} model which brings together historical, institutional, and regulatory factors.  This model contains a multiple of factors which if well implemented will assist Ameribus in effectively going global and ensuring that it secures a good portion of the market which seems to be already dominated by its competitors (Porter, n.d.).

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The model is structured into soft and hard factors. The hard factors are listed as anchor effect, government policy, the agglomeration effects and historical factors. The soft factors in this model include the business climate, innovation and entrepreneurship, element of chance and industry networks. The consideration of all these factors will enable Ameribus to compete effectively. Some of the significant factors which Ameribus should look out for in the course of going global include factors conditions which include the infrastructure, capital and labor availability. The demand conditions like wise ought to be taken into consideration whereby factors such size, growth and proximity of the market is taken into consideration. Other significant factors to be given serious considerations include the supporting industries, public policy, socio-political climate, inter-firm linkages and element of chance (Porter, n.d.).    

The company leaders should be sensitive to the market dynamics especially where the rival companies command some presence. By going global and being sensitive, it will be make it possible for the company to reach out to the customers amidst the presence of the rival companies. First the managers of Ameribus should be able to scan the global environments, identify relevant opportunities and threats, and design responses that will satisfy customers in ways that competitors can’t easily imitate and make sure that these plans are implemented, even as they compete across a variety of geographies. They must be able to accuratelyy sense changes in their competitive environment, including potential shifts in technology, competition, customers, and regulation, and must act on these opportunities and threats; to be able to seize them by reconfiguring them to meet new challenges (Kuglin and Hook 2002).

It must capitalize on human resource management in all the continents to maximize on the potential of workers in the profitable bottom line of the organization. This should be done through training programs to give employees necessary information to do their jobs better. For Ameribus to globalize it must also employ what is called acquisition strategy. This helps in deregulation of multiple industries in many different economies, this increases market power, overcomes entry barriers to new markets or regions, avoids the cost of developing new products and increases the speed of new market entries, it reduces the risk of entering a new business. It will also help them diversify and reshape their competitive scope. According to Michael, Duane and Robert (2008), it is very significant for a business to employ enterprise systems to enable it value creation. In summary form, what ought to be done in order to enable a company to carry out the process of globalization successfully:

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First if globalization should be an option for the company to take. The leadership should then have the destination of the company in mind. It is recommended that with the globalization process, the reaching out of foreign countries should be carried out on a one by one basis. Another step to be undertaken is to research on the targeted market so as to come up with a proper marketing which best suits the area in question. Others which ought to be taken into consideration include visiting the market, writing a plan, forming strong alliance and making consultation from experts. A point to strongly put across is that when a company is being globalized it ought to be culturally very sensitive to the new region where anticipates to make its functions (Kuglin and Hook 2002).

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