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AAP Issues Statement and Bibliography Assignment

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Ethical conflicts occur while the dealings of one person or a group of people mess about with the welfare of another person, or the society at large. Sorry to say, but ethical decision-making models, no matter how highly structured, cannot effectively portray the complication of moral predicament. Consolidated Northern Company is not an exception and had the following ethical issues.

Wrongful Termination

The Consolidated firm formulated a plan to outright fire five workers without giving reasons; it also offered early retirement to five others, which they were aware they would refuse. Wrongful termination is both illegal and unethical issue. The society leans on to wrongful termination as inconsiderate, unfair or unacceptable.  Nevertheless, it does not necessarily mean that it is illegal. Some countries do not protect employees from wrongful termination and therefore, remain legal. In fact, companies have a big deal of flexibility in the present employment regulation that permits them to employ and terminate with a great deal of liberty.

The employer should give acceptable reasons for termination to the employee for the termination to occur. There are a number of issues of wrongful termination which are unethical and illegal.


It is well thought-out to be unjust termination if employers fire you based merely on gender, ethnicity, disability, or any other discriminatory causes.

Defamation of Character

The company filed for bankruptcy to serve as an excuse to fire the employees. The company can also defame the employees, this occurs when the boss deliberately insult your character in order to defend your execution, this is unjust and is believed to be wrongful termination. For instance, the employer can make a false allegation concerning burglary or a different illegal doing in order to have a defense for sacking you. One may likely have an unfair termination case.

Poor Communication

The Consolidated Company was supposed to give its employees and the military at least 60 days notice of its departure from US operations. Though the notice would have numerous unwelcome consequences, it was important to allow them for both psychological and economical preparation. This is unfair to employees and the government military since it would lead to unnecessary planning.

Like in any relationship, communication is essential to build a strong business relationship.  Communication can be enhanced in practically all workplace, regardless the diligence or size. Communication is the only best way for information to efficiently and effectively spread all over the company in order employees can be knowledgeable to the level that they necessitated to properly accomplish their purpose.

Poor communication not only leads to confusion but also lead to poor production. The employees lack information for the suitable achievement of their assignments. Normally, poor communication is a consequence of selfishness with employees; they hold the information to themselves not considering the fact that other people require that information.

The employees need to be up-to-date with the current position of the company. They should be well informed of the company’s plans and activities the company intends to undertake in the future.  It is very important to overcome the issue of poor communication in the work place. When resolving issues within the company, the executive should be considerate and give ample time to enable the employees prepare adequately for the consequences.

Corporate fraud

Fraud is an extraordinary expression which is used to incorporate different immoral acts which may transpire within a company.  This may include general corruption, misappropriation, or still political irresponsibility. The consolidated company committed fraud by rewarding the administrators in Argentina and Columbia government. This was unacceptable since this company produced harmful chemicals which could be harmful if they leaked to local ground water.

Long firm fraud is most dangerous form of corporate fraud, it occurs in a legitimate business grounds, and then few unethical personnel lead to defrauding over time. This fraud activity occurs without the consent of all employees in the firm. It only takes only a few key players to make a fraud. The Consolidated Company began on relatively legitimate purpose, since it wanted a notable credit history and strong interaction with the military and other creditors. However, once they laid this stable foundation, they started making sub standard products and later they manufactured landslides. They even made a decision to run away without the creditors consent. These acts are unacceptable and wrong since they have negative impacts to the victims. Most long firm frauds take to establish, operate, and then terminate. This prevents the legal action to be taken against them.

Buy custom AAP Issues Statement and Bibliography Assignment essay

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