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Communication and interpersonal relationships is an integral part of everyone’s life. The majority of the humankind needs love, friendship, trust, and intimacy just as water and air. Moreover, daily communication with family, teachers, friends, and beloved ones influences our personality and the way we perceive the world. Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything (1989) is just the kind of a movie that demonstrates the importance of relationships, the diverse forms that communication might take between people from different social groups and cultural backgrounds, and foremost, it is about love and understanding that relationship is not a lonely trip, but a dance of a couple of people.

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The brightest expression of the relationship between people is love. Say Anything is a romantic comedy, which means love is the central idea the whole film turns around. The main heroes think, communicate, feel, and live in the way we all do, while having the desire to be understood, perceived, and loved. As the romantic comedy, Say Anything centers a teen-age love between Lloyd (John Cusack) and Diane (Ione Skye) into the main crossed point of the different social circles and ideas to clatter. Diane, a skilled high achiever known as a “priss,” and Lloyd, an ordinary high school graduate with the extraordinary views, are very different individuals who experience the wonderful feeling of the first love under the unfavorable circumstances. Being two representatives of the unlike social groups, love unites them and gradually leads along the way of self-knowledge, stereotype breaking, and the apprehension of each other’s worldviews, i.e. stages of relationship.

There are different relationships theories but few of them take communication as a basis for relationships development.  Thus, Levinger presents five stages theory of development of close relationship; these stages are acquaintance, buildup, continuation, deterioration, and ending (termination) (Dwyer, 2000, p. 64). Lloyd nd Diane experience the first three of them in the movie: acquaintance, buildup and proceed with staying at the continuation stage when the final titles appear. At the acquaintance stage or attraction stage, the passionate love occurs, so we find Lloyd deeply affected by unattainable Diane. When he at last gets courage to ask her for a date, and they spent the whole party-night together, they both fall into mutual anxiety, infatuation and attraction even though both realize they have almost nothing in common.

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The acquaintance stage transforms into the buildup stage when under the background of mutual attraction they continue to meet constantly rather like friends  because while Lloyd is head over heels in love, Diane needs time to know Lloyd closer and still finds her future career plans and father’s recent law problems as a prerogative over her own feelings. They both decide to be “friends with potential”, experiencing the friendship stage with all the intensity of “engaging in increasing amounts of self-disclosure” (Dwyer, 2000, p. 65). According Dwyer’s explanations, this stage is about considerable amount of pleasant and unpleasant social exchange. Therefore, when the protagonists spent a lot of time together talking about different things, sharing points of view and activities, they also find many points of misunderstanding and irritation as well as disputes that arouse on that background such as Lloyd’s antipathy to old people. Nevertheless, they build their relationships that are becoming close physically and emotionally.

The recognition that they both love each other means stepping into the Levinger’s third stage of continuation where the level of self-disclosure deepens. Thus, Diane and Lloyd start the intimacy relationship: he sends her a letter, they discuss their relationship being fully comfortable with each other. The hardships they face next might be explained in the terms of the Knapp's Relational Development Model, where the acquaintance stage called initiation, builddup - experimentation, and continuation – intensifying stage that has some “secret tests” for partners to go through (Knapp & Vangelisti, 2009, pp. 34-36). They experience endurance, public presentation and short separation, and manage to continue their relationship, being deeply devoted to each other on the way to their new life in England.

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Before Lloyd and Diane could overcome all the circumstances to be together, the other relationships with family and friends influence them. Dwyer (2000) explains that self-disclosure is a gradual process that involves sharing emotions and deep thoughts with the close people (p. 84).  People do not usually reveal their innermost feeling at a first encounter and need to gain trust before communicating in the free manner. The reasons for the self-disclosure may vary, but in the case of Diane, it is a noticeable striving for relationship maintenance and enhancement with her father coupled with the self-validation; while in Lloyd’s case, it is a catharsis or in other words, seeking support and relief within his friends.  Diane as a child underwent the divorce of her parents, experiencing her mother’s high-priority new relationship, and father’s self-commitment to the only child. Left alone after the family breakage, they became very close emotionally. Being socially apart from her peers, Diane was taught to share all her feelings, doubts, and inferences with her father. Her honesty was a foundation for the further good and non-conflict relationship they had in the family. Moreover, it helped Diane to find support of her ideas that she simply has no one to share with except her father. As a result, she asks his advice for self-validation during the way to the graduation ceremony, calls him during the party, and shares all the thoughts and feelings up to the intimacy experiences she had with Lloyd. She seeks for recognition of the rightness of her points with the only person she can be open with – her father.  That, in turn, is the way to save their special good relationship.

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