Custom «Motivation and Emotion» Essay Paper

Custom «Motivation and Emotion» Essay Paper

Motivation is the answer to such questions as 'Why do you go to school?', 'Why do you perform a certain activity', etc. In general, motivation is defined as a motive that drives us towards a certain goal. It might be an interest, desire, need or want, which actually is so strong that it can direct the person towards a certain move and affect the thinking, cognitive processes and behavior (Cherry, 2014).

The researchers stress that motivation has several effects on the processes of thinking and learning, as well as on the way we behave (Ormrod, 2014). First of all, if we are motivated, then we are directed to a certain kind of goal. According to the social cognitive theorists, it is inherent in humans to set goals and then take steps towards reaching them. Each goal has an intrinsic power, which is motivation. The stronger motivation is, the better results will be. It affects choices we made and the way we think and eventually act.

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Secondly, motivation is in charge of the increased rates of energy and efforts. Motivation indeed affects the amount of energy applied to the activities that are directly related to the goals once set. The enthusiastic pursuit of a task is normal for motivated people.

Thirdly, if a person is motivated, then he or she is persistent. Such a person does not take 'no' as an answer and always reaches the goals set. For example, the people who are motivated at the beginning of the executing the order actually want to do the task. Thus, it does not make them tired or exhausted. Instead, it inspires them to new activities. The same applies to the thinking process. It seems that motivation gives people the keys to all secrets of knowledge. In case the person faces any obstacle, he or she continues the search until answer is found.

Speaking about thinking, one should remember that any cognitive process is affected by motivation as well. It is the motivation that stands behind the choices we make regarding the things we need to pay attention to or the overall effectiveness of the learning that we want to achieve in the end. The learners who are motivated are usually more persistent in their endeavors to understand the material and to learn it more deeply (Ormrod, 2014).

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Finally, motivation is the reason for enhanced performance. It is mainly due to the combination of elements discussed above: persistence, energy, goal-oriented behavior, etc. All of it eventually leads to increased performance. <

Needless to say that unlike the motivation, the concept of emotion is hard to explain. It is even harder to understand. Those who have attempted to explain the term 'emotion' define it as a complex reaction to a certain event both external and internal, which involves the expression of the face, changes in behavior and psychology, cognition, etc.

Emotions could serve as protection from danger. For example, when a person fears something, he or she is more likely to avoid the source of the fear or confront it once more. If we experience anger, then we are usually ready to encounter the source that irritates us. Emotions is the necessary adaptation that has been used through the human history and that helps us thrive, survive and avoid any kind of danger.

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The emotions actually move us. They act as energizers as they occur after specific chemical signals that have been sent to the muscles. The only thing that emotions do not affect in human behavior is habit. We usually do not look twice before sitting down on a sofa, and we do not think twice before we tie shoes. Emotions could be motivating or non-motivating i.e. inspiring (or not) as for the move and approach to something or in terms of avoiding something.

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