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       To complete academic writing assignments for a teacher or professor, it is essential that students familiarize themselves with the various essay formats. When composing an assignment, the teacher or professor may specifically dictate the essay format that is required. Sometimes, students are able to choose from different essay formats. There are a variety of essay formats available that a student may be asked to use at one point during their academic career. It is vital that students follow the guidelines and instructions given by that format style.

       Students need to realize that if they are assigned one essay format out of a number of different essay formats, they need to comprehend those writing rules. If possible, students are instructed to utilize essay formats that they are familiar with and have used on previous assignments. There are different subjects that require different essay formats. Liberal arts and humanities assignments tend to use the MLA (Modern Language Association) format, where as social science assignments are required to use APA (American Psychological Association) format.

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       The essay format is a good quality indicator. Essay formats provide structure to the essay and make it not only more readable but more attractive as well.

       What are some of the primary essay formats used in academic writing? It is important to look at the different essay formatsthat are used for all academic papers. It does not matter what resources you utilize when writing an essay, but it does matter how you format them in your paper. Books, websites, newspapers, journal, and other media sources can be used, but it is important to find out how to cite them according to the essay format selected.

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       Harvard format – one main thing to think about when it comes to the Harvard style is that the name of the author, the title of the publication, publication year, and all additional information regarding the location of the publication are vital. The geographic city where the source was published is often the last thing written in the bibliographic entry.

       APA or American Psychological Association format – a major attribute to the APA essay format is based upon how the essay is written. The header of each page includes the page number which is preceded by the article title. All the same bibliographic details listed under the Harvard format style are needed when writing out the bibliography using APA format.

       MLA or Modern Language Association format – Just like APA and Harvard essay formats, it requires the same bibliographic information, but in a different order. The heading of a paper using MLA format is comprised of the last name of the writer and then the page number. MLA style often requires four spaces before the title of the essay. The space needs to include the name of the writer, the subject, the date the essay is due, and the name of the teacher or professor.

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