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Why Should the Driving Age Remain at 16 Years of Age?

Driving Age

For many teenagers, turning 16 is more long-awaited for than becoming 18 or 21. Wonder why? Because they can get their driving license! Many teens rush to the Department of Public Safety to make their driving license. Still, many government officials are openly against such policy as they claim that the minimum age when a person is officially allowed to drive a car should be raised at least to 18. Naturally, such news makes teenagers more anxious as they truly consider themselves responsible and self-reliant enough to be given a driving license. It is hard for teenagers to understand why they have to wait two more years before they are officially allowed to drive. So, who is right in this case? Should 16-year-olds be really officially granted an opportunity to have a driving license?

Some congressmen and legislative bodies took a serious approach in dealing with this case, and they work on figuring out the pros and cons of giving a driving license at the age of 16. In some states, particularly in California, they have put some restrictions. Apart from increasing the minimum driving age to 18, they are even considering the possibility to increase it even to 21. They have named numerous reasons in favor of increasing the age limit:

Safety Measures

It was estimated that teens got in numerous car accidents due to their reckless driving or drunk driving. When imposed a penalty, they cannot always afford to pay it themselves, and thus seek assistance from adults. Besides, many teens want to get a car just for the sake of it – and not because they really need to travel somewhere long distances.

Obesity Rates

Surprised? But yes, having a car at 16 affects the overall teen’s health. Instead of having a walk to a friend who lives in the close neighborhood, teens over 16 prefer to go there by car. Such people have really little physical exercising, and may thus be more susceptible to suffer from excessive weight in particular.

Teenagers Are not Mature Enough

Most 16-year-olds are not mature enough to be given the responsibility for their own safety and that of others. Most of them are not attentive to details, which is very important when driving a car in dense traffic.

However, there are many opponents among the government officials to increasing the minimum age. According to their opinion, such restrictive measures cannot take place across the states as youths below 21 should have an opportunity to get whenever they need without adults’ assistance. Increasing the minimum driving age to 21, for example, makes teens really dependent on their parents or guardians. Besides, it was suggested that 16 is a perfect age when learning some new skill. In this very case, learning to drive as considered as just another skill that can be easily learned when given enough time and favorable environment.

All in all, as you see, there are both proponents and opponents to this issue. Actually, it should be decided by the teen’s parents and should depend on the situation whether to allow a 16-year-old to get a driving license or not.

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