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What to Wear on a Long Flight

What to Wear on a Long Flight

In tears, devastated, apathetic, without makeup, and wearing random clothes. What else can I tell you about my emotional state about five years ago? Dealing with the painful break up, I decided to travel on my own. But before I set off, I decided to completely transform my outfit to a trendy one. At this very moment, I went on a warpath with my depression. Since then, I always dress to kill when I travel by plane. I am going to reveal you the secret why it is essential to dress well when you are on a plane.

Travel Guide to Style Amateurs

Forget about Your Sweatpants

In comparison with comfortable and warm sweatshirts, sweatpants have no benefits at all. This baggy and awfully designed article of clothes does not really suit you and your figure.

Heels Are a Really Trendy Thing

I am a big fan of wearing heels. Therefore, I have a huge collection of them. This element always adds elegance and charisma to your image. What is more, high heels will never go out of fashion. Terminal could be a great runway to demonstrate your sense of style.

Have an Eye for Details

I was taught by my mother to be always picky when it comes to the question of choosing the underwear. Obviously, it is very personal. However, life is unpredictable, so why not to look your best if something wrong happens.

Vacation Moment of Glory

Routine job in the office does not require getting dressed up. That is why, I feel like a fashionista while having a vacation. With no need to follow any dress code, it is my chance to show off.

Catch the Festivity of the Moment

We wear something special only occasionally for birthday parties or weddings. But who created these stereotypes? Why having a flight could not be such an event? Flights are a kind of air bridges to other countries as well as culture and adventures. They deserve to be valued as worthy things.

It Is not about Fashion Slavery

Judging from my experience, very few people pay attention to their attire while boarding a plane. Frankly speaking, it can really look hilarious. I am not talking about high fashion now. I just want you to grasp the importance of taking a pride of your appearance, no matter what style of clothes you prefer. Let us stand out of the crowd. I hope you will find my dressing tips useful and will follow them.

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