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What Should You Know about Studying American Cinema?

American Cinema

American Cinema is very broad and interesting subject. It has a lot of genres and styles. You can focus on the best filmmakers (John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, etc). It does not matter whether they have awards or not. It is important what they can teach you. The program of the module is full of information about various famous people and their achievements. Find the most exciting part of the program and explore it.

After this course, you will receive three acquirements. Firstly, the ability to assess films (with this skill you can be a good film critic after finishing study), secondly, the talent to challenge the opinion (not every received thought is correct, try to find the right one), thirdly, the opportunity to appreciate the industry (base of terms and other components give you a full conception of the American Cinema). Let’s see with what we are dealing with:

  • Backlighting shows the silhouette of the subject. Backlighting is very important part of the cinema language. We can see the best examples of backlighting on the film noir. There are three ways to interpret the light behind the things: the struggle between good and evil, the hidden side of the personality, and some elements of Gothic.
  • The camera angle shows the gist. This approach is used to highlight some features of the personality. Filmmakers use this technique because it can show the power of the character or even his or her misfortune. It also reveals something that people do not see before in the film.
  • The hand-held shot reveals the hidden emotions. It is a fashionable technique that can make known all feelings, thoughts, and emotions of the personality in the film to other people. The hand-held shot is used as the attempt to find a connection with the public. This approach should often be practiced if you want to use it properly.
  • Pan shows some things in the shot in several seconds while the camera is in a fixed position. This kind of shot was typical for Michelangelo Antonioni and other popular filmmakers of our times.
  • The long tracking shot of the characters. It is very hard, but it is not impossible to make the camera follow the subject. Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock know everything about how it works because they could do this action in their films.

So, what is the most significant in this module? Let’s talk about titles of the essays. It can be comparative essays (try to show the unique features of one author from the others; differentiate the genre). You can write about war (it is very popular subject among students). It can be a pro- or anti-war essay. You can also tell your professor what you think about films that illustrate this topic. Moreover, it will be great if you provide your essays with several examples.

American Cinema is a special subject. Filmmaking, filmmakers, and the whole industry wait for you in their world.

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