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The Senior Year in High School

The Senior Year in High School

The senior year is at the same time the best and the worst year of your studies. It is the year when you should be glad for your accomplishments but you also should work hard for your future success. Here are some tips that will help you get more prepared for college.

Improve Your Writing Skills

First of all, this concerns note-taking skills. In college, professors present a big amount of information at lectures and very often they go at a fast speed. It would be very useful for you to find the most convenient form of shorthand and speed writing.

Get Familiarized with the Library

In college, you will have to perform more meticulous research than you did in high school. You will have to know how to quickly find articles, books, reports, reviews, and other important sources of information.

Practice Critical Reading

During your college studies, you will have to use a lot of sources of information as well as analyze all of them. This means you have to practice reading with a critical eye.

Read Difficult Books

You are likely to be very surprised when you first open any of your college textbooks. Some of them are written in a way much like the ones you used in high school, while others are not. Most college books are written with the use of advanced vocabularies and describe quite difficult concepts and theories. You have to keep it in mind, but you should not panic about it. Much more important thing you should do is to learn how to manage all the reading.

Learn to Use Any Word Processor

You know that you will be assigned to complete a lot of writing tasks such as research papers on much more frequent basis than you did earlier. Make sure to learn basic requirements for academic papers of different formats.

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