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Should Nicotine Be Outlawed?

Should Nicotine Be Outlawed

The mortality rate statistics show that one of the main causes of deaths is cigarette smoking. More than 480.000 people die because of nicotine consumption and the overwhelming number of lethal termination only increases. Among of all the drugs such as marijuana, heroin, amphetamine, which are illegal, there is one more killing addictive substance which remains outside the law.

Why Should It Be Banned?

One may argue that cigarette smoking must be banned as well as heroine consumption. The main reason why it should be outlawed is health deterioration which results in the development of serious diseases such as lung, mouth, or throat cancer, high blood pressure, emphysema, heart attacks, and etc. Apart from poor health condition smokers can be easily distinguished from a non-smoking person. Smokers usually suffer from premature aging, change of skin and teeth color, appearance of wrinkles, and unpleasant breath. Moreover, tobacco consumption has also become one of the most addictive habits, which shortens lives of both females and males all over the world.

Why Is It Impossible to Do?

The solid reasons mentioned above, could have served as a breeding ground for the ban of nicotine. However, there are always two sides of the medal. The cigarette smoking prohibition would lead to collateral consequences. First of all the amount of criminals would increase and prisons would be overloaded with unprecedented level of smoking addicts. Secondly, the ban of cigarette smoking would dramatically boost the delinquency level and promote the black market prosperity. Ultimately, smokers would continue smoking and would be looking for every convenient chance to secretly break the law.

How to Prevent Excessive Smoking?

Let’s be realists! It is not enough just to outlaw tobacco as smoking is popular among a really great number of people (if not the half of the world’s population). Moreover, as we live in the democratic society, its ban would make smokers feel deprived of their right to choose freely. In order to fight with nicotine addiction and succeed in conquering this poisonous substance, very delicate measures should be adopted. We should raise the awareness of the younger population and provide them with education about the hazardous and harmful effect it has on our health. We should continue placing high taxes on cigarettes and maintain setting restrictions towards places where people can smoke. It should be the smoker’s choice to quit, not someone’s compulsive idea.

To sum up, it’s your personal decision which path to choose. Weight all pros and cons and try to make the right choice. Appreciate your life!

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