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Pitfalls to Avoid in Your College Application

Pitfalls to Avoid in Your College Application

Without any doubt, the admission essay is one of the most decisive steps in a student’s application process as it significantly impacts the admission officer’s decision about your enrollment. In fact, the daunting task of completing an essay is a test on its own as it checks your ability to pay attention to details, follow the prescribed instructions, as well as your plan. This is why our Education Support Team has devised a strategy or, rather, things to avoid if you want to succeed in the application process.

1. Overselling Yourself. You should not pretend to be somebody that you are not, and you should not make your essay sound like “Admit me by all means!!!” Instead of saturating the content of your appeal with the excessive emotions and connotations, try to make the admission officers want to admit you. Remember, they are as much humans as you are, and sometimes an easy-to-understand appeal expressed in simple terms can make a powerful essay.

2. Not following directions. Read through the instructions several times if required and address each of the points raised in your task. Some of the most vivid mistakes students make are when they provide the information that is not relevant to the task or when they do not provide the required information at all. What’s more – remember the deadline and make sure to submit your essay ahead of the deadline.

3. Overlooking Social Media Blinds. Some questionable photos and remarks posted on your social profile can do you an ill-favor. Make sure any information about your childhood and aspirations that you share using the social platforms (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) is free of any content that can be challenged in the course of your college application.

4. Confusing Application Essay with Resume. Remember, when the admission committee will set to read your application essay, they will have a copy of your resume in front of them. Do not try to repeat what you have already expressed in your Resume, unless there is some important point worthwhile mentioning. Do not waste space for information already communicated in your resume but think of some important details that might complement it. Admission officers have many essays to read, and all they are looking to find in your essay is how their school can benefit from you being enrolled, and how you can benefit from studying in their college.

5. Wandering Thoughts. Weak application essays typically share one outstanding feature: lack of direction. If you are jumping from topic to topic and your paper has no structure, your essay will make the reader wonder: what are you trying to say and what do you want? If you do not know your goals and have problems communicating your message to the audience, you are unlikely to achieve your goals.

As you learn how to avoid the common mistakes in the admission process, you are likely to concentrate on those points that will help you enter the college of your dream. Remember, your essay is an excellent chance to communicate what matters to you and how you can become an asset to the college of your choice.

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